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Something To Smile About Digest # 12

24 Oct

This should be a quick post.  I have to go back to writing my friend’s website copy and newsletter. Yeah, yeah I mentioned the ‘con’ (if you can call it that) of having a day job and being a writer on the side – when something pops in your head, you just gotta’ stop and let it out.  And I’m not even doing ‘my day job’right now,  this is the ”on the side job” I’m doing but I just can’t help it.

So the things that made me smile these past few weeks:

1.  My friend already uploaded the website content I made for him. I just made the final revision and it’s good to go! Next project I’ll do for him will be the newsletter and the web advertisement. It always feels good when I finished a writing project.

2.  I’m done reading Dug Down Deep. Yup! After more than a year. Hahaha… Well I don’t know if I already mentioned it here but I’m listing it down as something to smile about because it is an accomplishment for me to finish that book by my favorite Joshua Harris. I still have to write a book review, so I haven’t really started a new book yet.

3.  Something about Football of course. The possibility of Real Madrid to come over Manila through ehem Uncle Manny Pangilinan.  🙂  And also David Beckham and his team L.A. Galaxy’s upcoming tour in Asia which (may) include Philippines. This means a friendly match with our very own Azkals will be lined up.

4. A few more people subscribed to this blog. Wow! There’s Addielicious, Juan Busy and some others that subscribed through email. Thank you so much.  Please visit their blogs, they are awesome writers! For those who visit here and subscribe to my silliness 🙂 , it would be great to if you will leave your blog url too so I can also check them out. Thanks!!!

Now back to work. I didn’t take this unplanned leave just to blog all day. 🙂

Of Football, Work, Reading, Writing and M

27 Jul

Right, I know I wrote in my last post dated June 23 that I will be writing that week and it didn’t happen. Reason? Hmmm… I don’t remember. hahaha… Well it’s busyness with a lot of things – work mostly and other things.

So, what have I been doing? Let me list as I remember:

1. Football – I’ve been watching a lot of football lately- both the international and local football, particularly the Azkals. Nope, I’m not into football just because of the hype the Philippine Azkals are getting. I’ve been into football for already a few years (thanks to my foreign students and my British best friend Idy for their influence). (See: 10 Significant Things of My 2010)

Well last month, Azkals played Ski Lanka during the first round of the qualifiers for WORLD CUP 2014. We finished with a beautiful 5-1 aggregate score (4-0 in the home game, oh sweet!) and it was our ticket to move to the next round and face Kuwait. Unfortunately though, we lost with 3-0 score during the away game last Sunday to Kuwait, but tomorrow we’ll make up for it.  Go Azkals!

2. Work – Been busy with work as usual. Sometimes I get too tired I wish it’s already 2013. Haha! 2013 because that is when my ‘bond’ with the company will expire and I can resign without paying them anything. Well so far so good, however sometimes they have too much activities that eats a lot of my time, leaving me no time for other things – such as this one, time to blog. Lately, it’s like I’ll just go home, have dinner, watch a little tv and sleep. Too tired to even think and write.

3. M – Yes we did talk last month. And I’m missing him again.  More on it later.

4. Content Writing – I also did a friend a favor when I wrote a content for his site. Last time I checked his site it’s still the old content he has, but he informed me that he’lll soon change it. Well, he actually asked me to write for him and said he’s going to pay, but I’m thinking of not charging him anything, after all he is a friend. I remember I wrote about their love story (he and his wife) that was read on their wedding day. And I remember he asked me the morning of the wedding itself! I crammed writing it but I am glad I was able to come up with a good story. Well after all, I witnessed how their love blossomed with him being my coworker and the wife as a trainee in our company back in 2004.  🙂

5. Reading – Yey! I’m about to finish the book Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris. Hooray! I’m in the last 3 chapters and I can’t wait to finish it. I am writing about it very soon. I am learning so much from the book about my faith and my God. More about it soon. Also, I can’t wait to read my other books.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. I can’t think of others right now but will write as soon as I remember them. 🙂

It’s Time To Write (Updates)

26 Apr

It’s been a while and I miss doing this.

I know I was busy with a lot of things, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to completely ignore my first love – to write.  It’s my outlet afterall.  I think this is the reason why I feel down and depress these days because I don’t get to sit down, think and pour out my thoughts. I feel like it’s suppressed. With all the events and happenings – the church activities and all, at the same time the company’s, I feel so not in touch with myself. I don’t get the time to reflect anymore. So this is the right time…

So what’s been going on? Let me list it randomly:

-The most recent – the Philippine holidays. Yes! There was a 2-day holiday last week due to Easter and I can’t help but mention, that after maybe 7 years, I only get to enjoy my country’s own holidays now. That’s what I get for working for BPOs for quite a long time. Although too bad, most holidays this year falls on a Sunday and P-noy made the business owners happy this year when he lifted the Presidential decree or whatever you call it about moving holidays to either Monday or Friday. No more long weekend for us. 😦

– The company I am working for…  so far so good. I think I’m enjoying right now and liking what I’m doing. We had a company outing a few weeks ago, where we had some Pinoy games. It was fun especially when you used to play them when you were young, it’s so nostalgic!

– M. We talked a few weeks ago, didn’t turn out quite well but still I was happy I got to talk to him. I called. He did mention about missing me and wanting to talk to me everyday. But it still ended not quite well with him telling me, that although he wants to talk to me everyday, he is controlling that urge so that we won’t run again on circles again. *Sighs* I miss him really. Very and it’s so hard to breathe now. 😦

– My youngest sister getting married. I think aside from the unfavorable situation I have with my relationship with M, this is one of the things that occupies me too much these days. I have to admit, I do not like the guy she is marrying. And I have my reasons.  But then again, it’s not my decision and my choice. I have to respect my sister’s. She’s old enough now. But the sad thing is, the influence that guy has on her wasn’t good… I felt like I’ve lost a sister ever since they got into a relationship.And now that they are planning to get married this year, I fear that that I will completely lose her and she will be so far away from us. I know I also have done wrong things, especially for not accepting that guy. But he still hasn’t done anything to prove his worth. He still hasn’t done any effort to reconcile. And he can’t even do it for my sister’s sake?  I don’t know what to think… I know I have my faults too but it’s not mine entirely. I know it will never be the same again in our family after their marriage. It will be just mom, dad and me in the house. Although I still have my parents and I know they love me,  I feel so alone sometimes. And I feel like I’m an orphan, especially that I don’t have M beside me. I think if he was just with me, I won’t feel like this. *Sighs*

– One of my best friends is on vacation for 2 weeks with his family. I am happy for him because he gets to enjoy with his family and rest. But I feel sad because there’s no one to talk to. No M, no sister, no best friend. What else could go wrong? *Sighs* Plus, before he left, we talked and it didn’t turn out quite good. But I hope to talk to him when he gets back. Hope and pray they will get back safe and sound.

– Migration. I don’t remember the last time I thought about moving to another country but I remember it started way way back and I applied if I will qualify to move to Canada. I was young that time and I barely have experience in life and I don’t have savings. Now that I’m older (and wiser), the Migration plan resurrected. I don’t know where yet but I’m eyeing SG or some European country, maybe Canada again, I don’t know yet but I’d like to prepare for that soon.

I guess that’s it for now. It really helps that I put these into writing because it’s been plaguing my mind. I know most of the updates are sad. But what can I do?

Oh yeah, this one last is a good one. I’m reading again… and I’m trying to finish the book Dug Down Deep. So far so good. I’m reading every morning, on the way to work. I wont let the bad things happening and my busyness interfere with my reading. It’s good news isn’t?

Okay, till next post!

Joshua Harris’ Dug Down Deep was a best seller in a Manila Book Fair! :)

18 Sep

Today, my sister and I went to SMX Convention Center for the 4th day of the 31st Manila International Book Fair. And for those who loves reading like me (I call us “Book Suckers!” lol) will definitely smile from ear to ear seeing all the books, mostly discounted ones in the convention center. Yes! Some are even sold half their original price! Cool!

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris @ the 31st Manila International Book Fair

We visited almost all booths before we stormed OMFLit section where the newest book of my favorite author Joshua Harris is being featured, Dug Down Deep (they just launched the Philippine Edition it along with his other book, Stop Dating the Church). And man! It is 50% off! Cool.

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

So my sister and I bought a few copies…about 11 copies. I already have the book, which is the original version of it, published in the States. I bought it around Feb of this year, few weeks after the book was released in the States. Then my Auntie in the US sent me the Stop Dating the Church book so both my copies are original and hardbound. But despite of owning the book already, I was still thrilled to see both books at the fair. They are priced at least about 70% less than the original since it is published locally, which is great so many Filipino Christians who have been wanting to own the book can now grab their own copies. Cool! haha… I’d say a lot of people who visited the OMFLit booth bought a copy of Dug Down Deep and Stop Dating the Church, and also Alex and Brett’s book too (Do Hard Things and Start Here). The Harrises are definitely one of the best sellers in the book fair. 🙂

Stop Dating the Church hardcover copy that my Auntie from the US sent me via Barnes and Nobles. 🙂

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