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10 Significant Things of My 2011 – A Year In Review

1 Jan

Like last year, I made a list of what I consider significant events in my life this year. This list is in random order.

1. New Job – After resting for about 6 months from the rat race, I joined a new company again in February 2011. It is one of the known organizations in the world- part of Top 100 Companies according to Forbes. There is no perfect organization but so far, I like my work there.

2. New Friends – Since I have a new job, that means I gained some new friends at work.

3. Philippine Football –Those who have been reading this blog and those people who knows me, are all aware that I,being a fan of the sports football, supports the Philippine Azkals – our National Football Team. Though I missed watching them live play against the hot David Beckham’s team L.A. Galaxy last December 3 when my friend backed out, I’m still glad of the development of football in this country. I wish my favourite REAL MADRID would visit Manila too. If that happens, I will not care if I will watch alone or not. I just have to be there and meet Kaka, Ronaldo, Iker and the rest of the Boys. And oh, just last December 11, when my parents were invited to our Mayor’s birthday party, they met the good looking footballer sibs – Phil and James Younghusband. Unfortunately, I didn’t go with my parents because I was busy with something else at home.

4. My Sister’s Wedding –  My baby sister just got married to her boyfriend of 5 years. Now that left me as the only single in the family. And people around can’t simply resist asking me  question –‘When’s your turn.’ Didn’t I just say, I will punch the next person who will ask me when I’m getting married? LOL

5.Family and Relatives –  My auntie who lives in the US arrived for my sister’s wedding and also to spend Christmas with us. I wasn’t able to join them in out of town trips, mostly to relatives’ place because of work but it was great seeing them when they visited at home this holiday season. A reunion indeed.

6. Touring KL This one I think is one of the highlights this year. I can now cross from my bucket list that I visited Malaysia this year. It wasn’t really in my travel plan for 2011 since I wanted to travel on my birthday in January. But because of the next significant thing in this list, I flew to Kuala Lumpur and had a great time.

7. Meeting Best Friend F–  Another one to cross in my bucket list. The reason I flew to KL last November is to meet a very good friend that I met over Skype back in early 2007. Yes, I met F a few years ago OVER SKYPE. We only met through the net, and some people around me couldn’t believe that I would actually fly to meet someone I met online for the first time and that too, meeting him in a foreign place that I haven’t been to. They think it’s crazy. But they wouldn’t understand unless they open their mind to the possibility of meeting genuinely good people online. F went to KL for a conference and we thought it would be great to meet each other in person. He is one of those online friends I have who have become part of my life. He was there to listen to my rants, laugh with me over crazy things or laugh at me too for my craziness, (LOL), and comfort me during my sadness. I remember him telling me, “If he doesn’t care, you also don’t care. Now go wash your face.” He, together with our other friend, best friend Idy has been there for me ever since. Well hopefully, I would meet Idy next. (See post about my KL trip here.)

8. Friends – I only have a few friends. In fact, I can only count them using the fingers in my hands. Just very few. And I thank the Lord every day for their lives. Life is tough but the Lord sent them to help me go through together with my family.

9. M- We talked a few times this year. Just a few times. One of those was during his birthday when I called to greet him. We were happy that day. He said he misses me a lot. I feel the same way. Unfortunately, things haven’t changed. We still can’t be together. *Sighs*

10. 2011 Birthday –  It was a mix of happiness and sadness that day. I was happy for a lot of reason, one was getting a birthday greeting from Azkals’ goalie- Niel Etheridge via twitter, greeted by close friends and love ones, and the unexpected call by M exactly on the 11th day of January (Read: 59 seconds). I was so happy and I cried at the same time. Good thing, best friend Idy was there to comfort and sang happy birthday to me to make me smile. (Idy, you’ll sing again in a few days!)

So these are some of the things that I consider significant in my 2011. I thank our good Lord Jesus Christ for his unchanging love, mercy and grace. I may have faced a lot of difficulties this year, but at the same time, I received greater blessings- both material and not. Thank you Lord for helping me get through this year and for sending the right people in my path. I pray for 2012, you will also give me your favor and grace and love. May everyone- my familyand love ones, my friends here and abroad, bloggers here at wordpress, all Filipinos and all citizens in the world may experience the Lord’s unfailing love and the showers of blessings!

Happy New Year everyone!

2012 (google images)

My Baby Sister as the Beautiful Bride

30 Nov

Before I narrate about my KL Trip, I would like to write first about my baby sister’s wedding last weekend.

Yes my youngest sister got married last November 26, 2011. It’s been a few days already but I can’t still believe that she already tied the knot with her boyfriend of 5 years. I admit that I didn’t approve their relationship at the start. I didn’t like him for my sister. No, he is not a bad guy. There are a few reasons. One would be, my sisters and I are very close and I think I was threatened that someone would interfere with our closeness and that things will be no longer the same. Our eldest sister is already married but I had no problems with her husband at all even when he was still a boyfriend. I think because he got a charming personality and made an effort to get close to all of us including our relatives so welcoming him to our family wasn’t a problem at all.  But in my youngest sister’s case, it was different.  Another would be, I, being an older sister, am very protective of her. I think it is natural that an older sibling gets very protective over the younger ones especially if they tend to be very dependent on you. And she sometimes have a tendency to be  gullible too. I know my sister, how she thinks, how she reacts…what makes her mad or sad…almost everything. She is our ‘bunso’ (youngest). I grew up looking after her all the time. She’d go to me when she runs out of money at school and calls me to pick her up from her university when she’s feeling tired or dizzy.

I always want the best for her. We all do in the family, since s.he’s the youngest. We want her to get the best education, a good and comfortable life, and to have the best husband. I guess I forgot that my sister is no longer that kid I always look after to. She’s all grown up and now capable of making decisions on her own. I guess the ‘Ate’ (big sister) needs to go back to the backseat and let her take wheel.

Anyway, I’m glad things were ironed out before they got married. Her fiancé made an effort to set up a lunch date with my family so we could all talk. It turned out well. Now both my sisters are married, I am the only one left. And people around me are bugging when’s my turn. I forgot, I was supposed to to have a custom-made shirt that says “The next person who will ask me when I’ll get married will get a punch in the face!” and wear it on the wedding day. LOL.

Well, best wishes to my baby sister and my new bro-in-law. It is my prayer that they have a wonderful life together as they start a family.

But my sister, no matter how old she will be, will always be my baby sister. I love you bunso!

My baby sister and bro-in-law, looking very happy on their wedding day, even the photographers can't help but feel the love. 🙂

It’s Time To Write (Updates)

26 Apr

It’s been a while and I miss doing this.

I know I was busy with a lot of things, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to completely ignore my first love – to write.  It’s my outlet afterall.  I think this is the reason why I feel down and depress these days because I don’t get to sit down, think and pour out my thoughts. I feel like it’s suppressed. With all the events and happenings – the church activities and all, at the same time the company’s, I feel so not in touch with myself. I don’t get the time to reflect anymore. So this is the right time…

So what’s been going on? Let me list it randomly:

-The most recent – the Philippine holidays. Yes! There was a 2-day holiday last week due to Easter and I can’t help but mention, that after maybe 7 years, I only get to enjoy my country’s own holidays now. That’s what I get for working for BPOs for quite a long time. Although too bad, most holidays this year falls on a Sunday and P-noy made the business owners happy this year when he lifted the Presidential decree or whatever you call it about moving holidays to either Monday or Friday. No more long weekend for us. 😦

– The company I am working for…  so far so good. I think I’m enjoying right now and liking what I’m doing. We had a company outing a few weeks ago, where we had some Pinoy games. It was fun especially when you used to play them when you were young, it’s so nostalgic!

– M. We talked a few weeks ago, didn’t turn out quite well but still I was happy I got to talk to him. I called. He did mention about missing me and wanting to talk to me everyday. But it still ended not quite well with him telling me, that although he wants to talk to me everyday, he is controlling that urge so that we won’t run again on circles again. *Sighs* I miss him really. Very and it’s so hard to breathe now. 😦

– My youngest sister getting married. I think aside from the unfavorable situation I have with my relationship with M, this is one of the things that occupies me too much these days. I have to admit, I do not like the guy she is marrying. And I have my reasons.  But then again, it’s not my decision and my choice. I have to respect my sister’s. She’s old enough now. But the sad thing is, the influence that guy has on her wasn’t good… I felt like I’ve lost a sister ever since they got into a relationship.And now that they are planning to get married this year, I fear that that I will completely lose her and she will be so far away from us. I know I also have done wrong things, especially for not accepting that guy. But he still hasn’t done anything to prove his worth. He still hasn’t done any effort to reconcile. And he can’t even do it for my sister’s sake?  I don’t know what to think… I know I have my faults too but it’s not mine entirely. I know it will never be the same again in our family after their marriage. It will be just mom, dad and me in the house. Although I still have my parents and I know they love me,  I feel so alone sometimes. And I feel like I’m an orphan, especially that I don’t have M beside me. I think if he was just with me, I won’t feel like this. *Sighs*

– One of my best friends is on vacation for 2 weeks with his family. I am happy for him because he gets to enjoy with his family and rest. But I feel sad because there’s no one to talk to. No M, no sister, no best friend. What else could go wrong? *Sighs* Plus, before he left, we talked and it didn’t turn out quite good. But I hope to talk to him when he gets back. Hope and pray they will get back safe and sound.

– Migration. I don’t remember the last time I thought about moving to another country but I remember it started way way back and I applied if I will qualify to move to Canada. I was young that time and I barely have experience in life and I don’t have savings. Now that I’m older (and wiser), the Migration plan resurrected. I don’t know where yet but I’m eyeing SG or some European country, maybe Canada again, I don’t know yet but I’d like to prepare for that soon.

I guess that’s it for now. It really helps that I put these into writing because it’s been plaguing my mind. I know most of the updates are sad. But what can I do?

Oh yeah, this one last is a good one. I’m reading again… and I’m trying to finish the book Dug Down Deep. So far so good. I’m reading every morning, on the way to work. I wont let the bad things happening and my busyness interfere with my reading. It’s good news isn’t?

Okay, till next post!

Like A Roller-Coaster Ride

25 Feb


Last week a lot of things happened. I’d say it was like a roller-coaster ride week. I don’t have to mention everything that happened, probably just the highlights, like perhaps seeing an old friend (or family friends) whom I haven’t seen for I guess almost 10 years. Yeah it was nice seeing her again but not so good when you meet again at a wake, well her mom’s wake.

Then attending a conference, well this is church related and it turned out awesome.

Next is visiting another family friend at the hospital who underwent an operation.

Not to mention taking Mom to the hospital on that same day because of too much stress. Whew!

And lastly, being heartbroken on the night of Valentine’s Day as my bf and I officially ended our 3-year-on-and-off relationship. And yes, it does hurt. So much. But I don’t want to think too much of that now. I would like to think that it was for the best, and I hope it was.

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