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Cybercrime Law and The Freedom of Speech

2 Oct

In less than an hour, the newest and the controversial law in the Philippines will take effect – the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. The new law, obviously aims to reprimand the “misuse” of the internet by the people in the country. So far I haven’t read every details about this new law yet. Although, it was published in a government website, I haven’t read every chapters and sections of it. Most of what I’ve read were only articles posted by journalists, fellow bloggers and some politicians who are apparently opposed to the new bill.

From what I’ve gathered so far, libel has been inserted in the bill, which was the very reason many people are not approved of it. With the insertion of libel, apparently, anyone who will post, tweet, comment something that criticizes someone, say a politician, can be charged. Maybe even “liking” a comment or reposting or retweeting them can get your ass in jail.

The law is also too vague on who is liable and what is libelous. A website or blog can be taken down if one finds it offensive and charge you under the newly-enacted law. Like one Senator said, maybe even Mark Zuckerberg can be found liable for being the owner of Facebook. (Click here). One article even cited that old blogs, social media posts, or articles can be also used to charged you with cyber libel even before the law is implemented. (Click here).

For me, while it is good that we finally have a law that can make the “abusive” internet users accountable (i.e. those who engage stealing identity, uploading explicit content, online fraud, etc.), silencing the citizens when they inserted “libel” is oppressive and against the freedom of speech.

Heck, what happened to our democracy now?

Haven’t we learned from Martial Law?

As a journalism graduate and an advocate of freedom of expression, I am making my stand against this new law particularly the incorporation of libel, that is not only is oppressive and dangerous, but also makes what our national heroes did for the freedom of this country, useless!

Posting this actually on the eve of enactment of the law is dangerous as it can be used against me, but I will make my stand.

No to Republic Act No. 10175.



15 Mar

This is a very quick one. I just had to post  this on my blog.

Philippine Football Federation (PFF) just filed a formal complaint to a local TV network  (GMA7) for the RACIST and SEXIST remarks made a few days ago by two of their anchors/hosts  Arnold Clavio and Rhea Santos in their morning show Unang Hirit, against the Filipino-Foreign players of the national team. Their comments were foul, unacceptable and just uncalled for!

(Read the formal complaint here)

The network received the complaint this afternoon from PFF but so far, their only action was to take down all the videos taken from their morning show that were posted on the internet claiming copyrights, but perhaps it’s their way of trying to save their anchors from the public hate especially from the football supporters. Clavio issued his official statement via the networks’ website, however it was insincere and rather more insulting to all of us.

I just have to say that I strongly support the fight against RACISM and SEXISM in any form and that I support PFF in this.

Let’s KICK RACISM and SEXISM out of Football and out of this Country! 

We  want Arnold Clavio and Rhea Santos  to be sanctioned for being irresponsible journalists.  As a journalism graduate, I am an advocate of “Freedom of Speech”  but more than that, I am for “Responsible Journalism.”

Perhaps, GMA7 after their “Think Before you Click” campaign, should come up with another one, “Think Before You Speak”  and educate their anchors first about it.

More on this next post.

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