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Hanson At His Wedding

23 May

Hanson At His Wedding

A few months ago I have learned about this guy from the UK named Bishop, who posted videos on youtube asking the American band Hanson to play on his wedding day on July 28 of this year. He started doing the video pleas a year ago (Feb 2011 I think) with his friend because he wanted to surprise his wife-to-be on their big day since she, actually both of them are fans of the band. Yeah, why not? Your favorite band playing on your wedding day? That would be wickedly awesome!  So he started his blog, posting videos everyday trying to persuade (beg) Hanson to play at his wedding. Yeah, like Every Single Day!

And what was Hanson’s response?

Nada. Nothing. Zip. None.

But still Bishop was persistent and very dedicated so he went on with his goal to make his bride happy by posting more videos. Then after more than a year, just 4 days ago to be exact, he posted his 457th video. He was gutted. Hanson hasn’t responded to him yet but he learned that Hanson booked a gig on his wedding day.  Sad day. 😦

After watching the video, I also felt sad.  I felt like I was also part of it  that I was also feeling devastated to learn that it will be impossible for Hanson to play on his wedding. I was gutted too.

But then despite that, he still went on creating videos and even said that he will complete the 529 vids he ought to make until his wedding day. He thanked the band and said that he’ll still help promote their music.

Well I thought even though Hanson cannot make it on their grand day, maybe they will do something for them, perhaps make a video surprise for the couple or something. Actually, I was sure Hanson will do something for them. And I was right.

Hanson At His Honeymoon

Just yesterday Hanson posted this on their official youtube channel as a response to Bishop’s pleas:

Yes, Hanson may not be there on his wedding day but the trio asked him if he would be willing to let them play on their honeymoon instead! Wow! Just Wow. Hanson on His Honeymoon instead! Well, 2nd honeymoon as Hanson mentioned on the vid because it would be “creepy” if it’s on their real honeymoon. 😛

Hanson explained that they already have a commitment that day and that they don’t do weddings actually, except their own. But they went on to say that they admire Bishop’s dedication so as a gift to the couple instead, they’re flying them to Jamaica for Hanson’s Back to the Island party in January 2013, all-expense-paid by the band! Whoa! Now that is an incredible gift!

As soon as Bishop watched Hanson’s proposition, he immediately replied:

For the avoidance of doubt, my answer is unequivocally yes and thank you!”

And he posted this video,  all smiles! Look at the happiness in his eyes.

I am just happy for Bishop and his bride-to-be. Even though I didn’t really follow his everyday video pleas, like I said earlier, I felt like I am part of it, so after I watched his video above, I felt so happy. I could feel his happiness. 🙂

Well you guys know that Hanson is one of the two bands I love in my whole life (Jars of Clay is the other one) and stories like his just makes me feel proud that I am their fan. Like one youtube commenter says:

“And people still ask why we love Hanson.”

Well obviously, this is one of the reasons.

Visit Bishop’s blog:  http://hansonatmywedding.tumblr.com/


These Walls

23 Apr

“The sky is falling all over again
Just another day’s conclusion
Another disillusional night
The sky is falling all over again
Am I losing my composure?
Or way too much exposure to compromise
I can’t take all these walls”

~These Walls/Hanson~

And The Fan Girl’s Dream Came True (Hanson in Manila 2012)

11 Apr

Disclaimer: This is another pretty long post from the fangirl in me. 🙂 So please, bear with me as you witness my 15-year love affair with the boys and their music. 🙂

As you all know from the last few posts here, I was going crazy and a little paranoid over Hanson because they were having a concert in Manila. I got to learn about the concert back in January and after professing on Facebook my love for Hanson and my desire to watch them in concert for the first time, one of my friends replied saying she wants to go with me and watch too. So I thought okay, now I have a company. But weeks before the concert, she was uncertain and didn’t confirm if she was still going or not. And I didn’t want to watch alone so I was worried that I’d miss the concert. Man, how can go crazy jumping up and down, screaming while singing the songs I grew up with if I will go alone? I sure don’t want to look like a complete lunatic.  I have to share the craziness with a friend! LOL. Oh the disadvantages of being a single!

So I thought I’d settled with the idea that I will miss their concert in Manila for the 2nd time. Yes, they had their 1st back in 2004 and I already skipped that chance of seeing them. But 3 days before the concert, they arrived in Manila, went straight to a TV station for a live interview and man just seeing them again on Philippine television awoken the teenybopper in me. So the desire to watch the concert resurrected. I texted my older sister and convinced her to go with me to the concert. And surprisingly, she didn’t say no. But her reply was, “Sure, as long as you’ll buy me a ticket. Haha” Well of course, whenever we ask each other for a company, it is always the one who asks who will shoulder most of the expenses.

(**Below is the interview of Taylor Hanson with Boy Abunda)

Isaac and Zac at the airport (image c/o Kris Rocha of Dayly Entertainment)

So I scored the tickets the day before the concert.  I managed to get a 50% off from buying from an authorized ticket re-seller.  It was good that I already filed for a vacation leave from work on the day of the concert, since it was also my only niece’s graduation and I promised her I will attend (She, btw, graduated pre-school as a class valedictorian! So proud of her!). After the graduation ceremony, I told my sister we should leave early because we still need to pick up the tickets and because I don’t want to get caught in the rush hour. I asked her if she already told her 6-year old daughter that we’ll go somewhere but I told her not to mention where we were going for she might cry and insist on going with us too.

Warm welcome to the boys! (image c/o another fan)

Hanson was greeted by the fans at the hotel lobby, singing one of their songs from Middle of Nowhere album. They were obviously delighted. Taylor taking pictures of them! (image c/o another fan)

So my sister, carefully choosing her words, told her, “P, Auntie Y and I are going somewhere, you stay here with Lola and Lolo (grandma and grandpa) okay?”  Surprisingly, P answered, “You’re going to the concert? Okay!” then she quickly added, “Ma, record it in video okay?” Hahaha… we thought she didn’t know where we were going.

So at the concert venue, I picked up our tickets and lined up as early as 6pm. There were already a few people in the line waiting to get in. The crowd started to grow and I noticed that although most of the attendees are females in mid twenties to early 30s, there were guys/men too (and no, they’re not even gays!) There were teenagers too, some kids with mom and dad and the surprise, there was a “granny” in the crowd! Wow! I know Hanson has been around for 20 years, but been in the mainstream music for 15 years, but I didn’t know they have a fan as old as my grandmother! LOL. Okay, as old as my mother, I guess she is only in her early 50’s.  All were excited to get inside and didn’t mind standing for more than an hour outside the gates of Araneta.

Hanson during a press conference ( image c/o another fan

They opened the gates by 7 so my sister and I rushed to find a good spot.  We were quite far from the stage, and although we wished we were at the front row, we thought our spot was good enough to see the trio. While waiting for the concert to start, we had dinner right inside the coliseum and were talking at the possible Hanson setlist. I said, maybe their opening song will be MMMBop – the smash hit that launched them to stardom back in 1997. My sister’s bet was that MMMBop will be the last song to end the concert with the bang! Fans sitting near us were actually creating their improvised banners. Total fan girls!

An hour later, the concert officially started with a local artist Robin Nievera and his band as the front act. The fans at the first few rows seemed to be receptive to Robin’s songs though I’m sure they can’t wait for him to finish all his songs so Hanson can finally play.  It lasted about 30 minutes for the front act to finish about 6 songs when the lights at the stage were turned off that made the audience roar in excitement! Even when the lights were off, we could see a few guys on stage, but barely, with their little flashlights, checking and preparing Hanson’s instruments before they get on the stage. Some people would take pictures of the stage with their flashes on so they could see if Hanson is already up there. And because nobody can really see who the guys were on the stage, when one of them hit the drums, probably testing if the sound is okay, we all went crazy! We thought it was Zac! It happened twice and the crowd’s reaction was the same crazy roar! Oh whoever that person was on the drums, he sure was laughing out loud for driving us nuts! LOL…

I wanted to pee but because I didn’t want to miss the opening, even though the washroom was just right outside the door, near our seats, I stayed and waited. I didn’t want to miss anything! No!

Then a few more minutes, there they are, stepping on stage…


Hanson on Araneta stage (image c/o exclusive circle live)

And the coliseum went wild! Oh the fans that couldn’t contain the excitement as they kicked off the show with Waiting For This off from their newest record, Shout it Out. And though I don’t know much of the songs yet from their latest album, I stood up and danced along with other fanatics! Oh I just couldn’t believe it, I’m in a Hanson concert after 15 years!!! OMG! The opening song “Waiting For This”  surely described my feeling right that moment.

Isaac on guitar, Taylor on piano and Zac on drums (image c/o exclusive circle live)

Where’s The Love was next which was the 2nd single from their 1997 Middle of Nowhere record, followed by another track from SIO, Thinking ‘Bout Something’, both of which sent us to stand on our feet and dance. The next songs were truly familiar as they performed songs from their first, second and third albums, songs that brought nostalgia –  Thinking of You, Minute Without You, Crazy Beautiful – this is one of my favorite that  evening as Tay’s showed his prowess over the piano, and Can’t Stop. 

They stepped out of the stage for a very short break and came back to perform their acoustic rendition of  Strong Enough to Break, Deeper (which the oldest brother Ike sang, oh what a beautiful voice!) and Wish That I Was There. Zac – the hottest looking drummer in the world I swear, sang the 3rd cut in that acoustic session that made all the females in the audience that night fainted in excitement. I swear, my married older sister couldn’t contain her admiration for him, both for being good looking and being a monster over the drums! (Both my sister and her husband plays drum.) Zac, btw has a different drum set up as from what I know (and I think), he is left handed so the commonly set up which is the snare drum and the clapper on the left was on the right side. And whenever Zac brushes his hair with his fingers and flashes his gorgeous smile, the fans would go wild! And the cameraman surely knows how to please the crowd by always shooting a close up on him! Same goes for Isaac and Taylor. I’m glad this good looking trio grew up as gorgeous men.

Hanson Acoustic session (image c/o exclusive circle live)

(image c/o exclusive circle live)

(image c/o exclusive circle live)

Zac drove a lot of girls crazy that night (image c/o exclusive circle live)

Close up shot of Zac (image c/o another fan)

The soulful ballad A Song to Sing followed, then With You in Your Dreams,  the song that was dedicated to their grandmother who passed away long time ago. Followed up by This Time Around that once again proved Taylor’s killer piano skills! Man, I wish mom enrolled me to piano lessons when I was young, at least I can say that I have a talent. LOL. During the This Time Around song, the lead singer Tay asked the audience to do their part in the song, he said, we are to sing the part “We won’t go down” continuously as the band sings the chorus, however though, either the others did not understand the instruction or they were just too distracted of the men’s gorgeous looks because I think I was the only one singing “we won’t go down”. Oh well.

Fans sang along with the trio in the next songs, And I Waited, which is now one of my faves off of SIO record, and their 2004 single Penny and Me from the Underneath. The feel-good song Give A Little was next. Oh that song just makes me dance every time I hear it. As the song says, “let your body lose control”, indeed sent the crowd to lose control and dance!

Hanson 2012 - Araneta Coliseum (image c/o other Hanson fans)

After the upbeat and Soul-Pop-RnB-infused Give a Little that made us dance, Taylor thanked the fans for sticking with them for 15 years after their first song. He added, “We were thinking about, sticking around for additional 15. You guys gonna’ be right here 15 years from now?” And a loud roar of excitement was the audience’s response! It was crazy! I screamed saying Yes! Of course, even after additional 30 or more years! Hahaha… Ike started strumming away his guitar to a very very familiar song that night. OMG! I screamed and told my sister to get up on her seat and record it because they’re playing the song that launched them to stardom back in 1997 and the song that capture the hearts of million teenagers (mostly girls) back then – their smash hit MMMBop!


(image c/o exclusive circle live)

The Big Dome once again were filled with screams, shrieking and shouts. Man, we were taken back to  ’15 years ago’! I felt like it was 1997 all over again! It was crazy! The audience went wild, screaming while singing and dancing and I guess some maybe even crying. I swear I almost cried hearing them play MMMBOP live. It was just nostalgic! That night I traveled back in time and remembered the very first time I saw them on MTV and fell in love instantly. I can’t even capture in writing how I felt. I was just overjoyed. It was the song that started it all. The song that started my interesting teenage life. Hahaha!!!

Taylor was super energetic that night. (image c/o other fans)

Isaac's so charming! (image c/o exclusive circle live)

Oh maybe some of you cannot relate, because either 1. You were born in the 90’s or 2. You have different musical preference (but I hope that you weren’t one of those who pre-judged this teenage band for their age, their looks and their first single MMMBop, which is actually about relationship – “hold on to the ones who really care, in the end they’ll be the only ones there”. Read the lyrics, it’s meaningful.)

MMMBop was quickly followed by another upbeat song Lost Without Each Other which is another favorite of mine. After that, Taylor said, “We know you guys can make noise, the thing is, can you jump?” As usual, crazy screams were the response. Then just as Zac hit the cymbals and Ike strummed his guitar, Taylor played harmonica as he encouraged the crowd to jump with him. And this just made the screams and shouts rather more deafening! It was one of their hits back in early 2000- If Only! And boy, Tay doesn’t know the word “tired” as he keeps on jumping and running on the stage while singing, then alternately playing the piano and harmonica! What an energy! That drove a lot of us crazy. LOL. My goodness, it was a pandemonium! Taylor is totally charming. He’s not just good looks but good looks coupled with a REAL musical talent! They all are actually! They sort of stopped midway through the song or right after the bridge part and Taylor teased the crowd causing a load uproar. But Tay seemed to be not contented yet and encouraged more noise from the sea of fans in front of him! My gosh, who would say no to Taylor?! LOL

Tay jumping up and down (image c/o exclusive circle live)

Tay rocking on his piano (image c/o exclusive circle live)

Tay and Zac encouraging the fans... (image c/o another fan)

Zac on his drums (image c/o exclusive circle live)

If Only was actually their finale song and I would say, what a great way to end it. Gosh, the song…. “If only I have the guts to feel this way, If only you’d look at me and want to stay, If only I’d take you in my arms and say I won’t go ’cause I need you…”

Taylor thanked the audience and introduced the session musicians with them (bassist and back up guitarist/ keyboardist), waved and left the stage together with his brothers. Then lights were off.  Of course like most rock concerts, we all knew they’d come back, yet still we chanted and screamed for “More! More! More!” 

They returned to the stage and played the funky-rock-n-roll song “In the City” from their This Time Around album as the encore that caused riots and more jumps and screams! Oh, when Taylor sang the part “I’m gonna ask you once again, gotta tell me once again do you love me?” that was repeated thrice, I screamed Yes thrice too! LOL.

So how did they end the encore? Ike got on top of the platform where Zac’s drum was set up, then Zac stood on top of his bass drum with his back facing the audience and Taylor joined them on the right side of the platform and jumped off as they finished the song, then lights off! Oh I can still hear the screams until now.

Preparing to jump (image c/o Dazzle -http://inkachua.tumblr.com)

Jump Hanson Jump! (image c/o Dazzle -http://inkachua.tumblr.com)

Lights were turned on again as the three of them took their turns to say thank you to all of us for the nth time for showing up that night and for being an amazing crowd. 🙂 Then again, introduced the session musicians and all five of them (sessionist included) bowed altogether.

Taylor grabbed the mic and said, “We will come back if you will too!” And the screams filled the dome once more! Then Isaac, Taylor and Zac held hands and bowed for the last time. Zac, left the stage while Isaac took a few of his guitar picks and gave it away to the audience. Lucky those who got them!

Hanson with their session musicians.

Hanson- one of the only two bands I love. 15 years!!! Indeed a dream came true! Thank you for coming to Manila again! (image c/o Dazzle -http://inkachua.tumblr.com)

And Taylor? He jumped from the stage and took pictures using his Leica M9 those in the pit and even shook hands with some of them. Very lucky girls indeed! I’m envious! LOL 🙂 Good thing there were two bouncers that quickly followed him and the railings that separates, or else Tay will be mobbed!

What a night! What a show! What a concert!

As a fan of the band for 15 years, it was a dream came true to be at their concert. Now I can cross it out from my bucket list. I went home all smiles and took with me an awesome experience that Friday night. Indeed it was one of the best Fridays in my entire life! The fan girl in me was just so happy! 😀 Gosh, I woke up the next day, asking “Was it just a dream that I was at the Hanson concert last night?” 😀

I’m so thankful to my older sister who went with me to watch my boys (well my men now, LOL) even though she only knew probably two or three of their songs, yet still she enjoyed the night, screamed with me and shared the craziness.  She obviously had fun too! She took pictures and record some songs, though when she thought she recorded the entire MMMBop performance just before her camera’s battery went flat, when we reached home she found out it wasn’t saved at all. Too bad!

As for me, don’t ask me for pictures or videos. Yeah I did take videos of most of their performances but unfortunately it is good for personal viewing only. Hahaha!!! I don’t want to ruin my reputation because all you will hear was me screaming and singing on the top of my lungs! LOL. This very long post is enough to wreck my good reputation. Hahaha…

Hanson, thank you boys for the great music!

Hanson, one of the only two bands I really followed and adored (the other one is Jars of Clay), still makes beautiful music after 15 years. They aged so well. They are now matured men (and so their music), happily married and blessed with lovely kids. And even after the changes both in their careers and personal lives, the fans still adores them. I guess, we’ll all be here for as long as they live and make awesome music. Yes, like Taylor said, “another 15 years”… Gosh, they’ll be in 40’s by then! Hahaha…. Now, that reminds me of Bee Gees!

Hanson is underrated. Back in the days, many judged them and their musical ability due to their age but they didn’t see what us, the fans, have seen in them and realized since 1997 – that they’re not just bunch of good looking boys, and that if you listen closely, the lyrical prose, their poetic side, their passion, their skills over playing different musical instruments are just amazing and applaudable. They are musical geniuses.  And it is only now that others realized this, like this one:

“@barrycyrus: To be fair, the Hanson brothers make one bunch of well-versed, profound musicians.”

I’m glad I am a fan since 1997. Though it makes me realize how old I am now, it also makes me feel like a ‘teenager’ once again. Thanks Hanson for your beautiful music and thank you Lord for the opportunity to see them play the songs that influenced me over the years.

Now that I have seen them in concert, next goal, meet them real up close. 🙂

Fangirl Mode

29 Mar

I’ve scored 2 tickets and I’m watching the Hanson Concert tomorrow night ! Yeehaawww!!!

Yes, they’re the band who sang MMMBop, the teen band composed of 3 good looking brothers. But please know that it’s been 15 years and they’re all grown up now,  happily married men with lovely kids but still making beautiful music (READ: they write their own songs.)

It’s nostalgic. I felt like it’s 1997 again! I feel like a teenager again! If you were born in the 80’s and grew up in late 90’s music, you’ll probably understand where I am coming from. Hahaha…

See you Hanson tomorrow night.

Hanson at Showtime, March 29, 2012 (image c/o Kris Rocha)

Hanson in Manila 2012

27 Mar

Yes they’re coming to Manila!!!!!! And they’re having a concert this Friday! And yeah, I was and still a fan of Hanson. 🙂 I’m such a teenybopper! However, I still don’t have a ticket yet. 😦 And I don’t want to watch alone. 😦 My friend who wants to watch too have something important to do that day. 😦 😦 😦

It’s actually part of my bucket list to watch them in a concert and I already missed their first concert in Manila back in 2005… So I really really really want to see them this time. *sighs*  Argh… this is one of the disadvantages of being single. 😦

Hanson in Manila - Shout It Out Tour 2012

Hanson sings Ice, Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice cover)

24 May

I don’t know but I love the way Taylor sings the “Ice Ice Baby” part. It’s just so sexy. 🙂 I guess it’s the smile while singing. Awww… very sexy.

Hanson Sings MMMBop After 14 years.

24 May

Once a fan, always a fan! Yep! I’m a Hanson fan since 1997. 🙂 I first heard them at MTV for their video MMMBop, their first ever single. And just a month ago, they performed in Dancing with the Star, singing MMMBop. This time, they’re grown up, matured men but they still look very cute singing the song. Awww… reminds me of my teen years. So nostalgic!

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