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Sharing My Winning Piece

26 Dec

I’ve gotten good responses on my article from friends and family who saw or read my  winning piece that was published in the leading national paper just a week ago. I have received a lot of ‘congratulations’ and ‘so proud of you’  message after a friend of mine posted a picture of it on Facebook and tagged different people. Well I did re-upload it and tagged my closest friends and family members to share to them what I’ve recently accomplished. The response was overwhelming.

But one of the best comments I’ve received I think was from my former boss who saw my post as soon as I uploaded it on FB. He was quick to say, “Very cool! Please send me a e-copy of your article to my email 🙂 And I did send him the URL in his Facebook’s inbox, while other people started smarming the photo of the article I uploaded with so many messages!

After a few hours, he sent a reply saying “Thanks for the url. Excellent article. Brian’s story is a powerful one about Christ’s power to change lives and it all started with his daughter. Good job. But I don’t recall you telling me that you wanted to finish reading your books as one of the reasons for resigning 😉

I replied with “Hahaha!!! Thank you boss! I did tell you about wanting to read all my books… remember we talked about my Narnia collection in Sir R’s office. hehehe… Thank you again! Merry Christmas! :)”

Then yesterday, I posted a Merry Christmas greetings on his FB wall. He replied to it with this, “Ditto! So proud of you, my accomplished writer.”

It’s just so flattering.  I mean hearing these commendations from my former boss was really cool.  You see, that former boss of mine was educated in one of the best universities in the country, very intelligent,  has received some recognitions in his area of expertise, not to mention, was an editor too for a school paper eons ago and a lot of more. So, receiving good words from him was really flattering. *blushes*

Anyway, I’d like to share the scanned copy of the whole article to those who would like to read it.

My piece, published in a leading national paper

My piece, published in a leading national paper


I won!

19 Dec

Okay, so how do I start? Hmmm…. okay, let me just make it quick so I can go to bed soon… I won a contest! Well, I am this Week’s winner of the local newspaper’s “My Favorite Book 2010” essay-writing contest. I just checked the paper’s website and was really surprised to see article published and my name on the byline! Yes, the glory of the byline! hahaha…. I have yet to see it printed tomorrow morning. I gotta buy 2 copies of the newspaper. Wow! Thank you Lord!

I will write more on this later. For now, I’ll go to bed with a big smile on my face.  🙂

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