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Loneliness and Alcohol

30 Mar

The sound of television creeping through the halls
Left in the wild like a tree pulled from the dirt
You fill the sky with burning arrows from your heart
Throw your bottles out to sea and watch them float away

Tell me of the world you’re leaving
While you’re swinging like a wrecking ball
You bury all your love in secrets
And loneliness in alcohol

Hide your diamonds in the dirt in careful rows
Let your doubt unravel all their, all their pretty bows
‘Cause your heart is broken by the things you love
And your light, it carries but it’s not enough to change the weather

Tell me of the world you’re leaving
While you’re swinging like a wrecking ball
Bury all your love in secrets
And loneliness in alcohol

You get buried under all these lines, all this light, all these lies
You get buried under all these lines, all this light, all the time

Tell me of the world you’re leaving
While you’re swinging like a wrecking ball
Bury all your love in secrets
And loneliness in alcohol

Tell me of the world you’re leaving
While you’re swinging like a wrecking ball
Bury all your love in secrets
And loneliness in alcohol

– Jars of Clay | Inland

Jars of Clay live in My City!

24 Feb


Late last year, my favorite band Jars of Clay made an announcement via their twitter account that they will be in Manila on March 31, 2013. I got very excited because it’s going to be my 2nd time to see them live since 2005 (well, 3rd if I am to include meeting them at the mall.) 🙂

As you see, I grew up listening to them. Their music and the band members themselves has influenced me so much – in my art, life’s perspective and even in my faith. For nearly 2 decades, my everyday playlist is made up mostly of their inspiring and well-written songs.

So when they said they are coming over to Manila, I was ecstatic! What got me even more excited than anybody was when Church Simplified announced that they are playing in my city! Yes, in the city where I live! And it is a free admission concert! 🙂

Well, it’s actually an Easter gig. And I thought, there is no best way to end the holy week but to come and see Jars perform live. That would be awesome me thinks!

Every Easter, Church Simplified is doing the Walkway:Stations of the Cross in Bonificio High Street. I have been to that event for a couple of times or more I think. This year, they invited Jars of Clay to perform live to conclude the holy week. What a way to spend the Easter Sunday!

The concert will be held in the urban amphitheater in Bonifacio High Street (near Jamba Juice, Slice and the other fine-dining restos). It is an open area, like a park, where the water fountains are. And since it is a free concert, anyone can attend. Gosh, I can just imagine how awesome it is to have Jars perform there live! Wow!

So anyone in Manila (when you return from your holidays) can see these four men in BGC, all you have to do is bring your friends or family and enjoy their wonderful music. Who knows, you might like them as well. 🙂

Although, I wish that they also have another concert, a paid one that is, apart from that Easter one. I do not mind paying just to see them, it will be worth it anyway!

40 Days of Only Water

11 Feb

Last week, Blood:Water Mission re-tweeted something from one of their followers that caught my eye:

“#40Days of no coffee #40Days no lattes #40Days of no tea for a cause I believe in.”

No COFFEE. What? Really? What is this 40days without my favorite beverage?

I went to check then what is this #40DaysofWater all about and found that it’s a 40-day challenge by Blood:Water Mission, of drinking only water. No coffee, No tea, No milk, No juice or anything, JUST WATER. Well, don’t worry food is allowed. It’s just drink that you have to give up.


The challenge is to support the org’s mission to bring clean and safe water to Uganda. It will start on Feb 13 and will end on the 30th of March. I want to join the challenge but I’m kind of unsure if I can live a day without coffee. So I’m still confused. I really want to support Blood:Water Mission but that is what’s stopping me. Hmm… I can’t decide. Really, no coffee? Oh no. Well, I have about 24 hours left to decide whether I join or not.

So, you might ask, how is ‘giving up coffee’ going help Uganda get access to clean and safe water? Well this is simple, the money you are suppose to spend on your expensive or inexpensive coffee, tea or whatever colored drink you buy are to be donated instead to the organization to raise fund to bring water to the communities in Uganda. You save the money that you are supposed to use for your favorite drink and donate. It is for a really good cause.

Blood:Water Mission has been supported by my favorite band Jars of Clay ever since and they are legit. Jars is actually part of that org, with Dan, the lead singer, one of its officers I think. And a few years ago, they have celebrated the completion of the 1000 wells they built around Africa. So there is nothing to doubt about BWM. They really are legit org.

Going back. If you count the days from Feb 15- March 30, it’s going to be 46 days, not 40. So why 46? Well, like when you are dieting, there are cheat days. 🙂 There are 6 Sundays in that period and those 6 are going to be the cheat days.(Feast Day according to BWM. =p) My favorite coffee is allowed on Sundays! Woohooo!!! (Well, I still have to decide.)

If you sign up, you may track your progress in their website as you can create your unique profile page and share your experience with friends. You can even invite them to join you in this cause. I think it’s easier if you do it with a partner or group of friends or family. You know, there’s accountability and support. There is also a journal you may download that you can use during the campaign. Download here.

Well, I still have a day to register before it officially starts. I still need to muster enough courage to ditch coffee for a while. 🙂

If you want to join, please visit this site:



Jars of Clay in Manila this March 31, 2013

22 Jan

Jars of Clay made this announcement via twitter December 2, 2012. No venue yet though. But I am already so excited to watch them again perform and sing the songs that influenced me so much since I was 13. Hopefully I will get to meet them again like what happened in 2005, when I saw them at the mall and got the chance to talk to Charlie and Steve. Wonderful experience. 🙂 More about it next time.

Into Something Beautiful

27 Apr

If you put your arms around me
Could it change the way I feel
I guess I let myself believe
That the outside might just
Bleed it’s way in
Maybe stir the sleeping past
Lying under glass
Waiting for the kiss
That breaks this awful spell
Pull me out of this lonely cell

Close my eyes and hold my heart
Cover me and make me something
Change this something normal
Into something beautiful

~Something Beautiful/Jars of Clay~

Can’t get enough of Jars of Clay and Hanson (Celebrating 1000 Wells: Here’s What 1000 Looks Like)

14 May

Yes, I can’t get enough of the Well:Done Celebration. I’m still overjoyed about Hanson and Jars of Clay performing together.  Today, as a subscriber to Blood:Water Mission newsletter, I received an email about the event and here’s what it says:

Celebrating 1000 Wells: Here’s What 1000 Looks Like

Dan on vocals, Steve and Matt on guitars, where is Charlie? Hanson at the back - Zac playing the tambourine

 May 2011

Dear Friends,

On May 10th, over 1200 people came to the Ryman Auditorium to celebrate the 1000 communities and over 600,000 people that now have safe water. Special surprise guests Brandon Heath, Christopher Williams and Matthew Perryman Jones joined Jars of Clay and a talented line-up of friends, including HANSON, Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Kenyan artist Eric Wainaina & The Mapinduzi Band, and host, Charlie Peacock.
Through the evening, over $100,000 was donated to further the work of the mission, not including ticket sales, sponsorships and generous in-kind donations. Additionally, some individuals signed up to be inaugural Community:Builders, Blood:Water’s new monthly donor program (more info below). Others signed up to learn more about how to get involved through campaigns like Lemon:Aid.
Tennessee’s governor, Bill Haslam (pictured left), spoke at the reception to the fact that his own children brought awareness to him about the water crisis in Africa, and how he is proud to recognize the impact of the work accomplished by Blood:Water Mission.
Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing videos and stories from the evening – stories of how individuals across the country (and the world) have made a difference in the lives of others in the community and have positively impacted the water and HIV/AIDS crises in Africa. Below, the first of these vignettes answers the question, Wonder What 1,000 Looks Like?

Bring long lasting hope and health in Africa: For your gift of $30/month or more (that’s just $1 a day), you will be building the foundation for a healthy future in African communities. We are committed to investing your donations toward the best possible results and taking the time necessary to ensure the solutions will be the most effective for the communities and their leaders.
So far,
  • Over 600,000 Africans in over 1000 communities now have access to safe water.
  • Tens of thousands of Africans have access to adequate health care through clinic, HIV/AIDS treatment & education.
  • Friends in the US are learning how they can make a difference through creative grassroots efforts.
And with your help, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.
Join us in this investment and become a Community:Builder today.  Your support will enable us to confidently DEVELOP long-term partnerships within a region, RESPOND quickly to short-term needs, and GO further into other unreached communities.
In appreciation for your commitment, Community:Builders will receive:
– a Blood:Water Mission t-shirt,
– quarterly stories and photos from the field to share the impact of your partnership, and
– invitations to key events, both in-person & online.
Thank you for your partnership. You are making a difference for long lasting hope and health in Africa. 

Photo Op. All the performers sharing the stage. 🙂

Jars of Clay and Hanson. And Why I Was This Overjoyed.

13 May

(* All images used are not mine, but are from Jars of Clay and Hanson.)

I think no one is as excited as me to know that Jars of Clay and Hanson performed in one event. I’m talking about the Well:Done Celebration the other night at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

WELL:DONE CELEBRATION ~ Jars of Clay, Hanson, and the other artists.

Being a huge fan of both bands, I was really ecstatic, even though I wasn’t able to watch them since I live in the other side of the world. And I’m not just talking about being “fan” who likes them for being good looking and listens to their music, but the “fan” who grew up listening to their songs, who was influenced by their amazing poetry and outlook in life. Their songs shaped me over the years.

I started listening to Jars of Clay as early as 1995, when my cousin DM, lent me the cassette tape of their self-titled record. I instantly loved them. From then on I listen to their music regularly. While my appreciation for Hanson’s music started in my teenybopper years, when I first saw them on MTV back in the summer of 1997.  You can’t blame me. They were the cutest creatures that God ever made that time. Cuteness coupled with their musical talents. 🙂 So don’t blame me! LOL. I don’t know if other people knew, but they write beautiful and meaningful songs.

Hanson may be a mainstream band and people, even after many years, still think they are this “teen group” who was famous for singing MMMbop. It’s quite funny (and absurd) how they think that way. Come on, it’s been what? More than 13 years? They’re no longer teens. They are all grown up now, matured and married men, and they still make beautiful music.

Hanson: Sound check

Well, I must admit, I was one of those who would scream seeing the brothers on MTV or on magazines. Yes, I was that crazy fan too! LOL. However, now, the approach is different. I am more drawn to their well-written lyrical prose and beautifully-arranged melodies. I guess I’m really that old huh?! LOL

Hanson on Stage (WELL:DONE)

As for Jars of Clay, I like the fact that they are not ‘totally mainstream’. Although they made it through the secular world since their music has been used several times as movie soundtracks, they are the rock and roll kings in their own ‘world.’ Their music is more matured compared to Hanson. I guess you can associate that with the age also. Jars’ music is on a different level. It’s awe-inspiring. Many times I wish that I was the one who wrote most of their songs. The metaphors, the rhymes, the message itself, how the music was arranged are all wonderful. Jars of Clay’s music evolves. They don’t just stick to one. They innovate but still preserving their ‘ Jars of Clay flavor’ or their trademark. Over the years, their music has become a huge part of me. It reminded me so much of who I am and what I am supposed to do, and how I am in need of God’s grace. Their music is a constant reminder of God’s love.

It’s great that both bands are Christians. Yes, Hanson brothers are from a Christian family, who grew up listening to gospels too like me, although they weren’t introduced as a Christian band. As for Jars, they are very vocal about their faith and it’s very evident in their music. Though, not exactly tagged as a Christian group, they are usually called as one because most of their fans are from the Church and they also usually perform in Churches.

So what drew them together? I think it’s their heart for a mission. Both bands, through different charity events, have been helping people in Africa get rid of poverty and cure AIDS.  Jars of Clay through Blood:Water Mission, an organization they founded, have started the 1,000 Wells Project in Africa to help the people get access to clean and safe water. And just recently, they completed the 1,000 Wells, thus the Well:Done Celebration happened. But they said, it won’t stop in 1,000… They can make it, 10,000! Why not!

On the other hand, Hanson has also started their charity missions in Africa I think back in 2006. Their record, “The Walk” was inspired of this. The song “The Great Divide” was sung along with a school choir in Soweto, and the proceeds were used to fund the research and prevention of AIDS in Africa. Followed by the “The Walk Tour” with TOMS Shoes as their partner, who will donate a pair for a child in Africa for every pair of shoes sold, Hanson helped brought awareness of this campaign by encouraging their fans to join them in a 1-mile barefoot walk to have them experience what a typical African child goes through on a daily basis. I wish I was able to join that.


I think both bands have done so much that I can ever mention in this blog. Their other acts of kindness and compassion need not to be elaborated here. We just know they do it because it is one of their callings.

Well, I guess now people who read this will understand why my heart is overjoyed from knowing that both my favorite bands, joined together in one night of beautiful music and inspiring stories.

Jars of Clay and Hanson – WELL : DONE!


Tweets from Jars of Clay/Blood:Water Mission/

bloodwater Blood:Water Mission

by jarsofclay

Parting shot: All artists share the stage performing @jarsofclay‘s “Shelter” at the finale of #WellDoneCelebrationhttp://twitpic.com/4wcfwp

20 hours ago

scribblepotemus Dan Haseltine

Thanks to @hansonmusic @derekwebb @Sandramccracken@mpjmusic @brandonheath @cdubtweets and eric wainaina. You are amazing!

11 May Favorite Retweet Reply

scribblepotemus Dan Haseltine

Such an amazing night so grateful to everyone who celebrated with us! @bloodwater is just a great story without an ending. #humbled.

11 May Favorite Retweet Reply

scribblepotemus Dan Haseltine

We are ready for ya! RT @hansonmusic: On our way to Nashville!

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Tweets from Hanson:

hansonmusic HANSON

A great night with the @bloodwater family. Thanks 2 our many @takethewalk walkers, who have lead the way supporting BWM and beyond- ITZ
hansonmusic HANSON

Really proud to be a part of the Well:Done event tonight at the Ryman in Nasvhille with the Blood:Water mission crew! a night to celebrate!

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