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Jars of Clay and Hanson. And Why I Was This Overjoyed.

13 May

(* All images used are not mine, but are from Jars of Clay and Hanson.)

I think no one is as excited as me to know that Jars of Clay and Hanson performed in one event. I’m talking about the Well:Done Celebration the other night at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

WELL:DONE CELEBRATION ~ Jars of Clay, Hanson, and the other artists.

Being a huge fan of both bands, I was really ecstatic, even though I wasn’t able to watch them since I live in the other side of the world. And I’m not just talking about being “fan” who likes them for being good looking and listens to their music, but the “fan” who grew up listening to their songs, who was influenced by their amazing poetry and outlook in life. Their songs shaped me over the years.

I started listening to Jars of Clay as early as 1995, when my cousin DM, lent me the cassette tape of their self-titled record. I instantly loved them. From then on I listen to their music regularly. While my appreciation for Hanson’s music started in my teenybopper years, when I first saw them on MTV back in the summer of 1997.  You can’t blame me. They were the cutest creatures that God ever made that time. Cuteness coupled with their musical talents. 🙂 So don’t blame me! LOL. I don’t know if other people knew, but they write beautiful and meaningful songs.

Hanson may be a mainstream band and people, even after many years, still think they are this “teen group” who was famous for singing MMMbop. It’s quite funny (and absurd) how they think that way. Come on, it’s been what? More than 13 years? They’re no longer teens. They are all grown up now, matured and married men, and they still make beautiful music.

Hanson: Sound check

Well, I must admit, I was one of those who would scream seeing the brothers on MTV or on magazines. Yes, I was that crazy fan too! LOL. However, now, the approach is different. I am more drawn to their well-written lyrical prose and beautifully-arranged melodies. I guess I’m really that old huh?! LOL

Hanson on Stage (WELL:DONE)

As for Jars of Clay, I like the fact that they are not ‘totally mainstream’. Although they made it through the secular world since their music has been used several times as movie soundtracks, they are the rock and roll kings in their own ‘world.’ Their music is more matured compared to Hanson. I guess you can associate that with the age also. Jars’ music is on a different level. It’s awe-inspiring. Many times I wish that I was the one who wrote most of their songs. The metaphors, the rhymes, the message itself, how the music was arranged are all wonderful. Jars of Clay’s music evolves. They don’t just stick to one. They innovate but still preserving their ‘ Jars of Clay flavor’ or their trademark. Over the years, their music has become a huge part of me. It reminded me so much of who I am and what I am supposed to do, and how I am in need of God’s grace. Their music is a constant reminder of God’s love.

It’s great that both bands are Christians. Yes, Hanson brothers are from a Christian family, who grew up listening to gospels too like me, although they weren’t introduced as a Christian band. As for Jars, they are very vocal about their faith and it’s very evident in their music. Though, not exactly tagged as a Christian group, they are usually called as one because most of their fans are from the Church and they also usually perform in Churches.

So what drew them together? I think it’s their heart for a mission. Both bands, through different charity events, have been helping people in Africa get rid of poverty and cure AIDS.  Jars of Clay through Blood:Water Mission, an organization they founded, have started the 1,000 Wells Project in Africa to help the people get access to clean and safe water. And just recently, they completed the 1,000 Wells, thus the Well:Done Celebration happened. But they said, it won’t stop in 1,000… They can make it, 10,000! Why not!

On the other hand, Hanson has also started their charity missions in Africa I think back in 2006. Their record, “The Walk” was inspired of this. The song “The Great Divide” was sung along with a school choir in Soweto, and the proceeds were used to fund the research and prevention of AIDS in Africa. Followed by the “The Walk Tour” with TOMS Shoes as their partner, who will donate a pair for a child in Africa for every pair of shoes sold, Hanson helped brought awareness of this campaign by encouraging their fans to join them in a 1-mile barefoot walk to have them experience what a typical African child goes through on a daily basis. I wish I was able to join that.


I think both bands have done so much that I can ever mention in this blog. Their other acts of kindness and compassion need not to be elaborated here. We just know they do it because it is one of their callings.

Well, I guess now people who read this will understand why my heart is overjoyed from knowing that both my favorite bands, joined together in one night of beautiful music and inspiring stories.

Jars of Clay and Hanson – WELL : DONE!


Tweets from Jars of Clay/Blood:Water Mission/

bloodwater Blood:Water Mission

by jarsofclay

Parting shot: All artists share the stage performing @jarsofclay‘s “Shelter” at the finale of #WellDoneCelebrationhttp://twitpic.com/4wcfwp

20 hours ago

scribblepotemus Dan Haseltine

Thanks to @hansonmusic @derekwebb @Sandramccracken@mpjmusic @brandonheath @cdubtweets and eric wainaina. You are amazing!

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scribblepotemus Dan Haseltine

Such an amazing night so grateful to everyone who celebrated with us! @bloodwater is just a great story without an ending. #humbled.

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scribblepotemus Dan Haseltine

We are ready for ya! RT @hansonmusic: On our way to Nashville!

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Tweets from Hanson:

hansonmusic HANSON

A great night with the @bloodwater family. Thanks 2 our many @takethewalk walkers, who have lead the way supporting BWM and beyond- ITZ
hansonmusic HANSON

Really proud to be a part of the Well:Done event tonight at the Ryman in Nasvhille with the Blood:Water mission crew! a night to celebrate!

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Rhythm Of My Game – Kaka’s beautiful testinomy.

20 Jan

Here’s the testimony of my most favorite football player in the world, KAKA:

I hope and pray that you will be blessed and touched also by this video. May God bless us all!

12 Gifts I’d Like To Receive Or Be Happy to Receive This Christmas

15 Dec

I made the list the other day just thinking of the things that I’d be happy to get this Christmas season. I didn’t give it much a thought, most of the things are just random stuff I had in mind… and it’s intended to be quite funny. I just want to make my friends and family laugh by putting up this list, however if they will take me seriously, I wouldn’t mind. hahaha!!!

In random order:

1. Books – CS Lewis books would be awesome. Okay, maybe the Eat, Pray, Love is also okay. Of course that “Buyology” book that I’ve been wanting to read. And maybe Bob Ong’s newest book “Ang Mga Kaibigan Ni Mama Susan” that’s very cheap, cost only about Php 150.

2. Notebooks/Journals – My Ate and I are “notebook/journal suckers.” We both love buying cute or nice-looking notebooks. We collect them, well I use some of them. Although since Starbucks Philippines have this yearly planner/journal promo that I’ve been joining for a few years already, I am using their journal despite that it robs me so much money to complete the stickers, not to mention that it’s one of the major causes why I need # 8 on this list. 🙂

3. Picture Frames – I remember when people usually frown or laugh after receiving picture frames during their “monito/monita” or during their “exchange gift” in their school or church or wherever. Picture frames are the least favorite item to be received. I think people usually expect something more useful or something they can bring along with them all the time, that’s why picture frame is not a favorite. But not me. I am collecting picture frames. I don’t know when I started collecting but I have a few picture frames already at home, most are still unused as I still have to sort the pictures I’d like to put in them. So cute picture frames will make me smile this Christmas! (Wooden or antique style frames would be great too!)

4. Post-It-Notes – I love the bright colors of the post it notes and they are very useful to me since I always make a list of my “To Do” things almost everyday. I hope I won’t have to put one on my forehead that says “Amnesia Girl.” 🙂

5. A Jars of Clay CD – Need I say more? I’m a Jars’ fan!

6. Gift CertificatesStarbucks Gift Certificates are the best! Well, yes, since I’m collecting stickers for their 2011 Journal. I still have 9 more stickers to complete until January 5, 2011 so SB’s gift certs are very much welcome.  Well, Ayala, SM or Rustan’s are also okay.

7.  A Huge Bag – It should be durable and fashionable. Well, DURABLE because I will put a lot of stuff in it – It’s going to be my 2nd house! FASHIONABLE because, nothing really, I just want it fashionable. 🙂

8. One-Year Supply of Diet Pills – LOL! Yeah, I may be kidding but if one will take me seriously, then I won’t say no. Hahaha…. I will gladly accept! LOL. Well seriously, I need to lose weight and I’m having a hard time.

9. DSLR – Well since I love picture frames, photos to be inserted to them are necessary, and a camera is necessary too.  You may say, a digital point and shoot camera will do. Yes it should but we already have one. Plus I want to take my photography to the next level.

10. New Mobile Phone – This one, not so much but since the phone I use already have scratches on it, then receiving a new one will be super nice.

11. Plane Ticket – Yes! To Singapore or HK! Or INDIA! Yes, definitely India. 🙂 Please?! Okay, Singapore and India then. 🙂

12.  Money – LOL! Well since it’s been a few months now since I quit from my job, and I have no other source of income aside from my fashion-jewelry-making hobby, my savings is running low. So for those of you who are thinking of doing charity work and thinking of sharing your blessings to the “poor and the needy”, I know a foundation – The “Y Antigo Foundation!” LOL! I will provide the bank account details to those with generous hearts.  🙂

Right! That’s it! What I’ve just listed were material things that may only give momentary happiness, but the real gift I’d like to receive this Christmas is LOVE. That I may be surrounded with love from people who loves me and people I care so much about.  🙂

PS. I wish you’re here 🙂

Out Of My Hands

19 Nov

“Out Of My Hands is a frightening song to sing because it acknowledges the truth that scares me that I don’t have anything to do with God’s love for me. And I can’t make Him love me more. I want to be responsible for some of that someday. And the truth is, the gifts God has given us, the gifts God has given me, the gifts God has given us, the community, His church are just that, they’re gifts. We haven’t done anything to earn it. “- Steve Mason of Jars of Clay.

Indeed. Well said.

Out Of My Hands is one my favorite songs out of Jars of Clay‘s newest record, The Shelter. I already fell in love with the song the first time I heard it because it just reminded me of God’s love and how things are really ‘out of my hands’ since the start. It’s humbling. I thank God for Jars of Clay’s gift of writing beautiful music since 1995.

Out of My Hands – Jars of Clay

I wasted the rescue,
abandoned the mission.
I’ve failed by my own hand
and watched it all go wrong

You said you could save me
that I couldn’t save myself
You said that you loved me
no matter what I’ve done

When the light is gone
and life is just a day we take
Still the fight goes on
to give my heart away

And It’s out of my hands
It was from the start
In light of what you’ve done for me x2

You lifted my head
Set me apart

In light of what you’ve done for me
This is what you’ve done for me
It’s out of my hands

You grow where the light is
Like trees in the highlands
We’re bent by our own plans
to keep us in the dark

And I act like an orphan
Forget that you found me
but you came like a whisper
and saved me with a spark

When the light is gone
and life is just a dare we take
Still the fight goes on and on
to give my heart away

And it’s out of my hands
it was from the start
in light of what you’ve done for me x2

You lifted my head
Set me apart

In light of what you’ve done for me
this is what you’ve done for me

It’s out of my hands
It’s out of my hands

There’s nothing in the world that I can offer
nothing in the world that I can stand apart

Apart from you, apart from you

There’s nothing in my life,
nothing in my life that you haven’t given to me

It’s out of my hands
It was from the start

In light of what you’ve done x2

You lifted my head
You set me apart
In light of what you’ve done
In light of what you’ve done for me

Ohhh It’s out of my hand x2
In light of what you’ve done for me x2

You lifted my head,
set me apart
In light of what you’ve done for me
This is what you’ve done for me

It’s out of my hands x2
Everything I have Lord
Everything I gave
It’s out of my hands x2

Oh it’s out of my hands

Holy Week

19 Mar


It’s holy week or lenten season as other’s know it. In the Philippines, we have a 2-day holiday which are mostly used for vacation or family reunions. For some people it’s time to hit the beaches or visit relatives in their respective provinces. And for those who will stay at home, it means DVD-Marathon days. Thank God for DVDs or else it’s going to a boring week. hehe… Actually, it is better now because most television stations now show movies or some special programs other than Bible-related ones, which I also like (well just some of it since some are way too old, lol ) compared before when you will be bored to death because there were almost no programs being aired. For others this means reuniting with family members, oh did I already say family reunions? For some, it means out of town trip! I remember also going on a 3-day vacation with my sister and some of our church friends in some provinces in Luzon. I managed to join them in two of their trips which is in Isla Verde in Batangas and Baguio City. Oh well, for Catholic devotees (especially for the older people) this means praying or going to church or something similar to that. They have this procession to parade their statues of saints. Others even have themselves literally nailed on the cross as their expression of penance while others would walk miles going to Grottos or even hike a mountain as a form of sacrifice I guess (I don’t really know, I am not catholic so I don’t know what they do exactly.) Also, most of them forbid themselves from eating meat such as chicken, pork or beef but not fish (it is also meat) that is why the price of fish and veggies always increase at least by threefolds in this time of the year. Even bathing on a Thursday (or is it Friday) is prohibited. Talk about superstitions.

I grew up in a Christian family and ever since I was young we were thought about Jesus dying to save us, His birth and other teachings about God. But we never really celebrate holy week. I don’t know what others’ beliefs are about this week that whenever Lenten comes you are expected to behave well, meditate, keep quite or in short you aren’t allowed to party. LOL. Just kidding. But yeah you are not allowed to be so happy or goof around. Any kind of noise is discouraged. Well, at least that is not the case in our house, unless we are at some relatives’ house. I remember when I was young, that the elders from our neighborhood would shout on me and my playmates if we play outside and started laughing. They’ll say be quiet because Jesus is dead. I don’t know but I was taught that Jesus died only once and that He rose from the dead on the third day and ascended to heaven in the presence of His apostles. So how come every year in this season they say Jesus is dead? The cross is empty. The Savior is alive and is in heaven watching over us.

Yes we should remember greatest sacrifice – the death of Jesus because if not for Him, we wouldn’t have the gift of salvation. But we should remember it always, not only this time of the year but all the time. We also must remember that He died only but once, rose again and now in heaven with the Father.

~0 ~0 ~0

I just want to post this song revived by Jars of Clay:

traditional words traditional words by Frederick W. Faber (alt. by Eric Ashley)

music by Eric Ashley O come and mourn with me awhile
O come near to the Savior’s side
O come together, let us mourn
Jesus our Lord is crucified Seven times He spoke
Seven words of love
And all three hours His silence cried
For mercy on the souls of men
Jesus our Lord is crucified O love of God, O sin of man
In this dread act your strength is tried
And victory remains with love
Jesus our Lord is crucified

O break, O break hard heart of mine
My weak self-love and guilty pride
His Pilate and His Judas were
Jesus our Lord is Crucified

O love of God, O sin of man
In this dread act your strength is tried
And victory remains with Love
Jesus our Lord is crucified

O come and mourn with awhile

A broken heart, a fount of tears
Ask and they will not be denied
A broken heart love’s cradle is
Jesus our Lord is crucified
Jesus our Lord is crucified
Jesus our Lord is crucified
Our Lord is crucified And victory remains with love
Jesus our Lord is crucified

O love of God, O sin of man
In this dread act your strength is tried
And victory remains with love
Jesus our Lord is crucified

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