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One Year Ago – MG/Brigade Roads, Garuda Mall, Ice cream, Tuborg and the Hotel Room

24 Aug

One year ago… I would never forget. Ever.

i woke up not feeling very well, thinking about the remaining hours I have in Bangalore. I cried again. I was feeling so frustrated and so lonely .

You said you aren’t sure if you can come because you are not feeling well. Sad.I was very sad. What will I do in the remaining 24+ hours of my time there? I came there just to see you. What will I do now that we can’t spend time together?

After some drama, you told me you will come to the hotel even if you are sick. You said, it doesn’t matter anymore. You said, we will go out, buy things and spend the rest of the night together.

I was worried of you of course because as much as I want us to be together, I want you to get some rest too. But you insisted.

So many special things happened when you arrived. Even if you were not well, we spend a few hours cuddling and all that. You said you  don’t want to think that you are sick.

We then went out later, and had an auto rickshaw ride. My first time to ride an auto. It was definitely special bec we were together in it, We headed to Garuda Mall, to buy your first Camera. But we got off at MG Road corner Brigade Road. You said, that is where locals frequent to spend the weekend so you want to show me what it look like .

My first Auto rickshaw ride and it was special bec you were with me.

My first Auto rickshaw ride and it was special bec you were with me.

Brigade road cor MG road... where we walked...

Brigade road cor MG road… where we walked…

Brigade road going to Garuda Mall

Brigade road going to Garuda Mall

We walked some more until the rain fell, soaking a bit of us, especially our feet. We stopped by this mall, went to the washroom to freshen up and walked around the department store.

Then when the rain kind of stop, we went to the Gauda Mall. On the 4th or the 5th Floor, we went to Whizz to buy your first big purchase – your very own DSLR. You really want to have that camera. Do you remember the very first picture taken? It was us, which was taken by the store clerk.

Whizz - store where you bought you first  DSLR.

Whizz – store where you bought you first DSLR.

After which, we went to KFC for our take home dinner. But upon waiting for our order, you asked me if I want an ice cream. I was already too tired and you said I was like a kid who got her energy back when given an ice cream. Of course, it was an ice cream and it was from you.

Before that,on our way to Garuda, I saw an ice cream store that caught my eye, and you told me, “ice cream” is for girls and you don’t eat much of it… I thought that was ridiculous statement. But at KFC, you got us two brownie sundae.

The brownie sundae you got for me

The brownie sundae you got for me

What made me happy was not exactly the ice cream, but the thought that you bought it for us after your statement.

I love how we sat down in the opposite chairs while enjoying our sundae. It was a sight I have always been dreaming about – you sitting right across to me and enjoying our food.

We dropped by the wine store near the CMH road on our way back to the hotel. You held my hand as we crossed the busy streets. I will never forget that moment.

Tuborg beer bottles we finished and we didnt even get tipsy at all

Tuborg beer bottles we finished and we didnt even get tipsy at all

You got us 4 bottles of Tuborg beers. You told me earlier that afternoon, when you were said you wont be able to see me, that you want to have a shot or two of whiskey so you can sleep and forget about the physical pain you are feeling. I told you I want to get drunk too. You asked why, I said I just want to. But the reason was I want to get drunk to maybe forget the “emotional pain” I was feeling that moment.

We spent the rest of the night in our hotel room, watching sports on tv, you telling me about cricket and demonstrating how it is played, cuddling in the love seat, eating dinner, talking about just anything until we were too exhausted that we decided it was bed time.



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