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Tomorrow, is the first blank page of 365-page book. Write a good one.

31 Dec

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Significant Things of My 2012

31 Dec

As 2012 is about to close, (less than an hour in my side of the world), let me list some of the significant things that happened to me. This is listed in random order, here they are:

As usual for someone who is a fan of the beautiful game, the sport has got to be in the list. This is good year in football especially for the Philippine National Football Team – the Azkals. I am happy of their improvement since they got the nation’s attention 2 years back. They were semi finalist during 2010 Suzuki Cup and also this 2012. They also finished 3rd during the AFC Challenge Cup and a champion during the Philippine Peace Cup. As for the other team that is dear to me, Real Madrid, it is also a great year after winning the Supercopa and reaching the semis in the Champions League. Also, another favorite, Spain, bagged the Euro 2012 title. So many nice things happened in Football this year and there are so much in store also for 2013. I am so looking forward to that!


The Azkals

I signed up for a gym last month. Yes, finally! Time to get fit and heathy. I signed up because I think it is better to spend money paying gym fees rather than spend it on medicine when I get old. So yes, I am committed to getting healthier and fitter not just now but for the rest of my life.


My Gold’s Gym membership card

Driver’s License
Not exactly a license yet but a student permit to drive. It’s high time I take on the wheels and learn really how to drive. This ain’t the first time I got a student permit to learn how to drive. I already know how to start a car and drive a little but I always have problem with the stick (Manual Transmission), but my father insisted that I learn how to drive first using the stick before I go automatic. So this time, I am taking driving seriously.

Family and Friends
I am grateful to God that he continue on blessing my family with so many things and that we are all together to celebrate the end of the year and welcome another one. Though there were times when we experience worry because of my father’s health but God is merciful and he didn’t let anything bad happened. This year also, some of my close friends got married and gave birth. I attended some of the memorable event in their lives to celebrate with them. One of my best buds, F, also tied the knot, and even though he knew I won’t be able to attend his wedding, he still sent me an invitation, which I received so late (after his wedding. Snail mail indeed!) I am also very grateful to the wonderful friendship I share with a few of my friends, particularly these three super friends I have – Idy, F, and Ces.


F’s wedding invitation

This is a good year also for me when it comes to music. Not only that I was able to crossed out one from my bucket list, after I attended a concert of one of the two bands I love – Hanson’s concert back in March. It was a dream came true. Then, my other favorite, Jars of Clay made the awesome announcement earlier this month that they are coming to the Philippines in March 2013 for a concert! Great! I am so looking forward to it!


Jars of Clay’s concert 2013 announcement! Yehey!

I also was able to travel locally this year. My parents, a visiting Auntie from the US and I went to Bohol to celebrate my birthday. It was my first time to visit the island and it was just great to see one of the scenic places of my beautiful country. I did not go abroad this year, hopefully next year though.


Bohol, Philippines.

Nope, we are not back together. There is no “US” again. So why is it in this list? Well though we had some “conversations” this year, still things are not quite clear between us. So about 2 months ago, I have made one of the biggest decisions in my life. I have decided to let him go. I can say that I am still in the grieving process and it is getting harder and harder each day, but I have to do it. I can’t run on circles anymore. So, now I am going “Solo”. Dunno’ how long though, it’s all up to God.

So this is it. I am thankful for all the experiences I have this 2012 and I am hopeful that 2013 will be a lot better.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace, love and mercy throughout the year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Which of these two Journals should I use for 2013? Hmmmm….

29 Dec

One is from my favorite stationery store (Typo), given as a present last year, and the other from the coffee shop (Starbucks), after I have completed a number of stickers in exchange of their drinks. Hmm…


10 Significant Things of My 2011 – A Year In Review

1 Jan

Like last year, I made a list of what I consider significant events in my life this year. This list is in random order.

1. New Job – After resting for about 6 months from the rat race, I joined a new company again in February 2011. It is one of the known organizations in the world- part of Top 100 Companies according to Forbes. There is no perfect organization but so far, I like my work there.

2. New Friends – Since I have a new job, that means I gained some new friends at work.

3. Philippine Football –Those who have been reading this blog and those people who knows me, are all aware that I,being a fan of the sports football, supports the Philippine Azkals – our National Football Team. Though I missed watching them live play against the hot David Beckham’s team L.A. Galaxy last December 3 when my friend backed out, I’m still glad of the development of football in this country. I wish my favourite REAL MADRID would visit Manila too. If that happens, I will not care if I will watch alone or not. I just have to be there and meet Kaka, Ronaldo, Iker and the rest of the Boys. And oh, just last December 11, when my parents were invited to our Mayor’s birthday party, they met the good looking footballer sibs – Phil and James Younghusband. Unfortunately, I didn’t go with my parents because I was busy with something else at home.

4. My Sister’s Wedding –  My baby sister just got married to her boyfriend of 5 years. Now that left me as the only single in the family. And people around can’t simply resist asking me  question –‘When’s your turn.’ Didn’t I just say, I will punch the next person who will ask me when I’m getting married? LOL

5.Family and Relatives –  My auntie who lives in the US arrived for my sister’s wedding and also to spend Christmas with us. I wasn’t able to join them in out of town trips, mostly to relatives’ place because of work but it was great seeing them when they visited at home this holiday season. A reunion indeed.

6. Touring KL This one I think is one of the highlights this year. I can now cross from my bucket list that I visited Malaysia this year. It wasn’t really in my travel plan for 2011 since I wanted to travel on my birthday in January. But because of the next significant thing in this list, I flew to Kuala Lumpur and had a great time.

7. Meeting Best Friend F–  Another one to cross in my bucket list. The reason I flew to KL last November is to meet a very good friend that I met over Skype back in early 2007. Yes, I met F a few years ago OVER SKYPE. We only met through the net, and some people around me couldn’t believe that I would actually fly to meet someone I met online for the first time and that too, meeting him in a foreign place that I haven’t been to. They think it’s crazy. But they wouldn’t understand unless they open their mind to the possibility of meeting genuinely good people online. F went to KL for a conference and we thought it would be great to meet each other in person. He is one of those online friends I have who have become part of my life. He was there to listen to my rants, laugh with me over crazy things or laugh at me too for my craziness, (LOL), and comfort me during my sadness. I remember him telling me, “If he doesn’t care, you also don’t care. Now go wash your face.” He, together with our other friend, best friend Idy has been there for me ever since. Well hopefully, I would meet Idy next. (See post about my KL trip here.)

8. Friends – I only have a few friends. In fact, I can only count them using the fingers in my hands. Just very few. And I thank the Lord every day for their lives. Life is tough but the Lord sent them to help me go through together with my family.

9. M- We talked a few times this year. Just a few times. One of those was during his birthday when I called to greet him. We were happy that day. He said he misses me a lot. I feel the same way. Unfortunately, things haven’t changed. We still can’t be together. *Sighs*

10. 2011 Birthday –  It was a mix of happiness and sadness that day. I was happy for a lot of reason, one was getting a birthday greeting from Azkals’ goalie- Niel Etheridge via twitter, greeted by close friends and love ones, and the unexpected call by M exactly on the 11th day of January (Read: 59 seconds). I was so happy and I cried at the same time. Good thing, best friend Idy was there to comfort and sang happy birthday to me to make me smile. (Idy, you’ll sing again in a few days!)

So these are some of the things that I consider significant in my 2011. I thank our good Lord Jesus Christ for his unchanging love, mercy and grace. I may have faced a lot of difficulties this year, but at the same time, I received greater blessings- both material and not. Thank you Lord for helping me get through this year and for sending the right people in my path. I pray for 2012, you will also give me your favor and grace and love. May everyone- my familyand love ones, my friends here and abroad, bloggers here at wordpress, all Filipinos and all citizens in the world may experience the Lord’s unfailing love and the showers of blessings!

Happy New Year everyone!

2012 (google images)

New Category: Something To Smile About

3 Jan

Okay, since it’s new year, I thought of starting a new category here in this blog. I’ll call it:  “Something To Smile About”.

Every week I will list down the things/events that are worth smiling for, may it be small or grand, it doesn’t matter.  It’s my own way of counting my blessings and exercising my “gratitude muscles.”

I already have a lot to be thankful or smile about this start of the year, but I think I will just mention one for today. It is:

“Finally getting my 2011 Starbucks Velvet Journal! Yehey!!! LOL.”

my velvet journal

Okay, I know it doesn’t sound like a major one but like I said, I can write about small stuff that made me smile.  Plus it’s part of the “12 Things I’d Happy To Received this Christmas”. So this journal I’ve been wanting to have is definitely smile worthy. 🙂

So what is it that deserves your smile  this start of 2011?

How’s this for a New Year’s resolution? Stop asking single people when they’re getting hitched…

3 Jan

from stpandp.co.uk/weddings.aspx

…. The next person who asks me when I’m getting married will get punched in the face. Seriously.”

Hahaha…. That’s not my line, it’s by Pam Pastor, a lifestyle writer from PDI. It’s part of her most recently written article for a local newspaper.

It’s too funny not to share.

At last, someone is brave enough to have said  what I think most single people have in mind or feel when being asked by that question.  Take it from me, IT’S REALLY ANNOYING at times. Especially if we’re not really close or we only see each other once or twice a year.

I have the same sentiments with Pam. She wrote: “When are you getting married?” is not an acceptable alternative to “How are you?” ,  neither is “Ang taba mo ngayon!” (“You gained some weight!” in English.)

I hope some people would realize this. There are other things to ask or talk about, unless you really intend to annoy others. Please, be sensitive enough. I remember reading a book by Ed Lapiz, Relationship is Happiness. I think he mentioned almost the same thing, telling people to stop asking single people when they’re tying the knot, especially if you know he or she isn’t even in a relationship.

You don’t know when you’re offending others. Who knows, maybe she really wants to get married but she doesn’t have a bf or doesn’t even have any suitors at all. Or maybe he has been rejected a lot of times by the girl/s he approached. We don’t know at all. So I think, it’s better to be safe and never ask that question especially if you’re not a BFF.

So do us a favor please. Be nice to the single people this 2011.  🙂

Here’s a link to Pam’s article:  “The next person who asks me when I’m getting married will get punched”

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