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Images of solidarity as Christians join hands to protect Muslims as they pray during Cairo protests

4 Feb

I got this from a friend who shared the article on Facebook. And I thought I’d share it here too. It’s a good news out of the bad news in Egypt. Like I wrote in a comment in one blog, in the Philippines, we’ve toppled the government twice. I have only been in one though since I was just two years old when the first one happened. I know what it’s like being there on the street with people coming from different classes and religions, fighting for the change. I did it for my love of God and my country. I hope Egypt knows that the entire world is watching and that many people from the Philippines support this ‘People Power Revolution”.  I hope and pray that the unrest in Egypt will end soon.

Here’s the article:

Images of solidarity as Christians join hands to protect Muslims as they pray during Cairo protests

Last updated at 5:46 PM on 3rd February 2011

Striking photos of unity have emerged from the chaos in Egypt as Christian protesters stood together to protect Muslims as they prayed.

A group of Christians joined hands and faced out surrounding hundreds of Muslims protesters left vulnerable as they knelt in prayer.

The photos were taken in Cairo by Nevin Zaki.


Christians faced outward and joined hands in a circle to protect a Muslim group of protesters as they prayed in Egypt Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1353330/Egypt-protests-Christians-join-hands-protect-Muslims-pray-Cairo-protests.html#ixzz1CzeHMIMn

She shared the images over Twitter, writing, ‘Bear in mind that this pic was taken a month after z Alexandria bombing where many Christians died in vain. Yet we all stood by each other.’

The suicide bombing, shortly after the New Year’s Day, killed 23 Coptic Christians, who make up 10percent of Egypt’s 80 million person population.

Muslim radicals have been blamed.

One Colorado resident posted an email online that he received from his mother, who is Cairo visiting her daughter, the poster’s sister.

She described a scene like those captured in the photos.

Just last month Islamic radicals were blamed for a suicide bombing attack on Christians that killed 23 in Alexandria  Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1353330/Egypt-protests-Christians-join-hands-protect-Muslims-pray-Cairo-protests.html#ixzz1CzeeJoUu

Just last month Islamic radicals were blamed for a suicide bombing attack on Christians that killed 23 in Alexandria Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1353330/Egypt-protests-Christians-join-hands-protect-Muslims-pray-Cairo-protests.html#ixzz1CzeeJoUu

‘I am hoping to turn out an impressionist painting of the scene of Tahrir Square with tens of thousands of protesters in it in front of a huge government building at night. The largest protestant church in Egypt, Kassar Debara, is hidden behind it.

‘Some Muslims have been guarding Coptic churches while Christians pray, and on Friday, Christians were guarding the mosques while Muslims prayed.’

She also described the challenges of trying to leave the country.

‘I am asking God to help me find a way to the airport. Gas stations have been rather closed… Please pray for the helpless and hopeless in Egypt.’

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1353330/Egypt-protests-Christians-join-hands-protect-Muslims-pray-Cairo-protests.html


Sharing My Winning Piece

26 Dec

I’ve gotten good responses on my article from friends and family who saw or read my  winning piece that was published in the leading national paper just a week ago. I have received a lot of ‘congratulations’ and ‘so proud of you’  message after a friend of mine posted a picture of it on Facebook and tagged different people. Well I did re-upload it and tagged my closest friends and family members to share to them what I’ve recently accomplished. The response was overwhelming.

But one of the best comments I’ve received I think was from my former boss who saw my post as soon as I uploaded it on FB. He was quick to say, “Very cool! Please send me a e-copy of your article to my email 🙂 And I did send him the URL in his Facebook’s inbox, while other people started smarming the photo of the article I uploaded with so many messages!

After a few hours, he sent a reply saying “Thanks for the url. Excellent article. Brian’s story is a powerful one about Christ’s power to change lives and it all started with his daughter. Good job. But I don’t recall you telling me that you wanted to finish reading your books as one of the reasons for resigning 😉

I replied with “Hahaha!!! Thank you boss! I did tell you about wanting to read all my books… remember we talked about my Narnia collection in Sir R’s office. hehehe… Thank you again! Merry Christmas! :)”

Then yesterday, I posted a Merry Christmas greetings on his FB wall. He replied to it with this, “Ditto! So proud of you, my accomplished writer.”

It’s just so flattering.  I mean hearing these commendations from my former boss was really cool.  You see, that former boss of mine was educated in one of the best universities in the country, very intelligent,  has received some recognitions in his area of expertise, not to mention, was an editor too for a school paper eons ago and a lot of more. So, receiving good words from him was really flattering. *blushes*

Anyway, I’d like to share the scanned copy of the whole article to those who would like to read it.

My piece, published in a leading national paper

My piece, published in a leading national paper

The Tragedy Will Not Define Who We Are

26 Aug

The hostage standoff that happened a few days ago in Manila should not define who the Filipinos are or should not be the basis of how safe it is in the Philippines. Tragedies happen, no one likes it. It happens not just in the Philippines but in all cities all over the world, like the school rampage in Virginia Tech that took the lives of 32 innocent college students and teachers in 2007, the 17-year old kid in Germany who killed 15 people, or the attack in a kindergarten school in China that killed 7 children and 2 others just a couple of months ago. We all feel the anguish over what happened and we sympathized to all the family of the victims. Mr. Mendoza may have done something wrong but he’s not the sole person to be blamed. The hostage crisis just showed us many realities – the injustices, lack of proper training, lack of funds, inadequacies, inhuman treatment, biases, unfair treatment given to Filipinos abroad and so many others. It could have been prevented like many of us say, and that is true.

Living in what the powerful nations called as a “Third World Country” like Philippines is hard and incidents like these that tainted our image as nation in the international community makes it even harder, especially for the Filipinos abroad trying to make a living. We are judged. We’ve already been branded. People in the some parts of the world seem to have forgotten the Filipinos’ contributions to make their lives easier. Our fellowmen, out of wanting to give their families back home a proper shelter to live, food on their table and education for their children, accept the jobs even if that means being away from their families.

They forgot to be grateful to the Filipino domestic helpers abroad who help make their lives easier by taking care of their children and looking after their houses. They forgot to be grateful to Filipino caregivers who assist their aged parents in nursing homes or to the Filipino nurses and doctors at the hospitals. They forgot to be grateful to the Filipino waiters and waitresses who prepare their family meals while these Filipinos wish they were having dinner with their families instead. They forgot how to be grateful to Filipino drivers and construction workers in the Middle East. They forgot how to be grateful to Filipino seafarers on the cruise ship that makes their luxury travel even more fun and entertaining.

They didn’t know the effects of having a love one work abroad taking care of other people’s children instead of their own. They miss a lot of opportunities to show their love for their offspring. For mothers and fathers who weren’t able to see how their infants grow up, to hear their babies utter their first words, to see them climb, to see them walk, to send them to school on their first day of classes, to see them received their first award in school. They didn’t know the effects of not being around. Their children grow distant, their own children not even knowing who they are.

These are the sacrifices that these brave Filipinos abroad endure, and yet they treat them in an inhuman way, physically torturing or sexually violating some of them and the most recent, firing them from their jobs just for being a Filipino. No one wishes for any of the hostages to die including Mr. Mendoza. What he did was wrong whatever reasons he may have, but this action is not enough to be ashamed of him as a fellow Filipino. He was a good Filipino citizen but he was a victim as well, a victim of injustices that is. The insensitive mob, including those officers smiling before the camera was a shame I have to admit, but I will not be ashamed of being a Filipino. This tragedy will not define who we are as people and as a nation. We are still a nation of God-fearing citizens, hardworking individuals, optimistic and hospitable people. As long as these traits remain, Philippines is still a safe place to be.


August 26, 2010


Filipinos Today

2 Mar


I once listened to a speech by one local politician, not a traditional one though, talking about the current political situation in the Philippines. He enumerated what the current administration has done and is doing at the moment. He reminded us about the scams the present government has, like the “fertilizer scam, textbook scam, the 2004 electoral fraud popularly known as the Hello Garci Scam , the malacanang bribery and others I could not remember, including of course the famous ZTE-NBN Scandal that is currently being investigated by the Senate, Department of Justice and the Ombudsman. The scandal proved to be a really huge one after the star-witness Jun Lozada named some prominent and influential people that including the first couple as part of this multi-bilion ZTE- NBN Deal.

Anyway, that is not what I am writing about now. Well maybe I’ll write about it later on. I was particularly moved by what this local politician said about the Filipinos today. I don’t know where he got it but it’s something that bothers me. Well, from his speech he said that today there are 3 kinds of Filipinos and they are:

1. The News Junkies- which is about 15% of the population

2. The News Ignorant – which is again 15%

3. The News Junkies turned News Ignorant- which describes the 70% of the population.

I’d like to change number 3 though. A friend of mine indirectly suggested that it should be “News Junkies turned Apathetic.” Sad to say but it is true.  Most Filipinos seem to have become numb and unconcerned about the country now. It seems that they couldn’t care less now whether those  in position right now are robbing the people through anomalous government projects, constantly lying and fooling its citizens and abusing its power. It is alarming that most of the population fell on category 3 who seem to lost interest on what’s going on their homeland.

Somehow I’d like to think that it is because of what seems to be“failed” People Power Revolutions that happened twice (or thrice) in the past. Yes we (I was part of EDSA People Power 2) successfully ousted the immoral president in 2001, and evicted the most hated dictator in 1986 (ESDA People Power 1). Call me bias but I’d rather not mention the 3rd EDSA. I once read an article, I forgot where but it says that probably the reason why the people particularly the middle class or the working class seem to lose their interest now is because the Marcoses who were ousted from the position through People Power 1 are still free and were not really charged for their wrongdoings and that some of their family members are again in the position now. Then Joseph Estrada who was also ejected from presidency through People Power 2, and though was charged for plunder and other cases and was under “house arrest” for a few years and was charged guilty with his plunder case last year by the Sandigan Bayan and was sentenced for a Reclusión Perpetua, which could have been a proof that justice exists in the Philippines and it does not favor the rich and those in power, turned out to be completely the opposite when he was pardoned by no other than Gloria herself which makes him a free man now. Ironically too, he is one of those calling the one who pardoned him to resign now because of the controversies surrounding the GMA government. Isn’t that funny?

These probably are the reasons why people seems to have not grown interest in joining the street protests against GMA. Those who were ousted are still free now, enjoying their wealth. Some of their family members are again in power, they were not jailed in the truest sense of the word, yes because ERAP was just under “house arrest”. He still could eat all the food that he wanted, experience luxury except to go out of his house. But still he didn’t experience what the other prisoners have in National Bilibid Prison. People might have a thought that if GMA will be ejected from Malacanang, she and her “cohorts” will not be charged as well or that  justice will not be served.

Somehow I don’t want to blame them for thinking that way but I do hope that the patriotism and nationalism will spark once more in their hearts and minds and that they will open up their eyes with what is going on in our beloved country and start to stand up and fight for truth, righteousness and morality to reign in this country.

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