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I’m Back (again)!

23 Aug

I’m back (again).

I know I haven’t been posting here and one of my last update was that I made a promise that I will write everyday. Well, I was unsuccessful with it. I failed. There are reasons but I will just label them as “my dumb excuses” so I won’t bother enumerating them here. The important thing is I’m back, not only in blogging but also in journaling. Yes, I also haven’t been writing too much in my journal. Though I have some writings saved in my iPad but most where rough drafts that needs rewriting and editing. And that is something I would like to do next, finish them so I could share them here on my blog.

So what am I up to lately?

Well, aside from my day job,I haven’t been doing much. I have been thinking a lot though, and doing a lot of thinking. Too much of it in fact. I am also trying to read, though, until now, I’m not done reading the “BUYOLOGY” book that I started early this year. But I have been reading a lot of articles online, and trying to start other books. Man, there are just too many to read including the blogs I have subscribed to. Information overload.

We just had a long weekend, 4 days, due to Eid and Ninoy Aquino day. But sadly though, aside from watching the latest Bourne movie – The Bourne Legacy, attending service and practices at the church, dusting our house and singing in the karaoke, I haven’t accomplished any, especially in writing. I was hoping I would write more or finish those I have started, but the earth seems to be spinning too fast and I found myself with no more time to sit and write.

But anyways, I have a few writings on my draft right now and I intend  to finish them soon so I could start with the others on my queue.

Then, I have been thinking about relationships too. Not the romantic one. Okay, the romantic one also, but that’s a completely different story. Lol. Well, seriously though, this time I am concerned about a platonic relationship with a person very close to me. I treasure our friendship so much, however, there seems to be a problem that I am not quite aware of.

Well for now, that’s it. I will update soon. Good night.

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