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OMF Literature R.O.B. U.S. 2012 (Book Sale!!!)

13 Jun

Last Friday was an amazing day for the bibliophile in me because I took part of ‘OMF‘s Stuff All You Can’ book sale. I was given a pass for the one-day-only event (June 8) that I exchanged for a bag in their store, stuff all the books that I was able to in it and paid only P550. Whoa! Isn’t that amazing? Yes, that’s like  only $12! I was able to stuff about 23 books inside the bag, which if not for the P550 pass, would cost me about P7,000+  or about $170-180.  Imagine the thousands of peso I got to saved.

I got different kind of books – for teens, women, about leadership, marriage, relationship, church, etc. I made sure I got variety because  I thought it would be a great Christmas gift to family and friends. Yeah, I’m already thinking about Christmas gifts this month of June. 🙂

And you can start buying ‘present’ too either for yourself or for friends and love ones because, even though the “Stuff All You Can” is over, as a part of OMF’s 55th Anniversary celebration, they are giving book lovers in the Philippines 3 weeks to raid their shelves!

OMF’s R.O.B. U.S. – Raid Our Bookstore Ultimate Sale started last weekend (June 9) and will end on June 27, 2012.  You may choose from different bundles below or enjoy 20-30% off during the sale period:

Only from June 7-27, 2012. So hurry and visit OMF Literature’s book stores nationwide. 🙂

So bookworms from the Philippines may start “R.O.B.-bing” OMF bookshop nationwide.  Don’t forget to tell your friends. 🙂

2011 MIBF and the OMF Literature Bloggers Challenge

21 Sep

*** Removed most of the pictures as I don’t really intend to show my pictures here, if not for the challenge I joined. 🙂 – updated Nov 5, 2011.


Right, so the 2011 Manila International Book Fair has already ended last Sunday. Aww… sad  I know.  But I’m sure it has left many wonderful memories to everyone who took part of the event. Maybe you still have a hang over. I do! 🙂

I have to say, this year’s MIBF rocks! It is my 2nd time to attend the MIBF and why did I say it rocks? Because this year, I am not just a book shopper but I took part in some of the activities in the fair hosted by OMF Literature.  (As usual, OMF booth was jam-packed with many book shoppers! Woohoo!) (Read my post about MIBF last year, click here)

As part of the bloggers network of OMF, I was invited to the bloggers meet up last Sept 15. OMF Lit prepared something for us bloggers to make our MIBF experience more exciting and engaging. 🙂 It is called the OMF LIT BLOGGERS MIBF CHALLENGE. Yup, we were given a list of 10 things to do while in their booth and outside. Together with my cousin LJ and my sister Lei, I had fun completing the challenges.

Here are those 10 challenging tasks that I did and a brief story about them:

1.       Grab your favorite book, go to the stage and have your picture taken like our I Read poster.

My cousin LJ was my first partner doing the first few tasks and one of them is this. So I’m posting two pictures, one of LJ and another of me.

Walk up to a complete stranger and recommend a book for them to buy.

Oh, this task was exciting at the same time a lil hard especially since it involves other people – (READ: STRANGERS!).  Yuppers, I approached one of the shoppers at OMFLit’s booth and recommended a book. The lady that I talked to was browsing the shelves and was still deciding between a book by Tim LaHaye and another author. I was fortunate that she was so willing to listen to what I have to say so it wasn’t such a hard task. Of course, what book would I recommend but by one of my favorite authors of course, Joshua Harris’ Dug Down Deep.

She asked me, why this book? I said because I have read the book, (well, still reading…1 Chapter to go and I’m done! Yey!) and it greatly helped me understand what Christian life is really about and how we can develop a deeper relationship with Christ. I also told her that I can relate to a lot of stories that Josh mentioned in the book because I, too was born and raised to a Christian family and not to mention, a member of Minister’s family.  And I wouldn’t recommend a book that I haven’t read or not even like – I’m not like the other TV endorsers. Lol.

Well she already read Josh’s other books and she is familiar with his writing style, so that helped her convinced to buy herself a copy of Dug Down Deep. Yup, she bought it! 🙂 Oh my convincing powers! Hahaha…kidding!

And to add something interesting, I was surprised when a man approached the lady I was talking to and he sure is familiar! Yup, he is a former co-worker and they know each other! What a small world! So I was glad to have recommended a great book to a stranger and reunited with a former colleague. 🙂

3.       Take a video of yourself talking about why and who you love reading. Format is “I love to read because” or “I love reading ________”

Just watch the video. 🙂


4.       Help out and be a bagger at our manual counter for 15 minutes (take a picture as “proof”)

 I did this on a Saturday (Sept 17) when OMF Lit book was packed with book shoppers.  It was fun helping out the OMF Lit staff at the counter and thanking the shoppers for buying.

5.        Wear a silly hat, go to another booth and have a picture taken with a stranger

This guy in the picture was from the Kumon booth, just right next to OMF Lit. He approached us and was promoting Kumon to us but I told him my niece is already attending the Reading and Math classes in their branch in Taguig. I instead asked him if it’s okay if he would pose in a picture with me as part of my tasks, and he was nice enough to say yes.  Then, 2 days later (Monday), I saw him in the same building where I work. Yup, their office is located in the same building. Small world indeed.

6.       Introduce yourself by going up on stage, getting the mic and telling them your blog url and what your blog is all about.

I have stage fright. Okay, I don’t like the spotlight. I am more of the ‘behind the scene’ person or the ‘mastermind’ but not a host or someone on the stage. So this task is one of the last items on the list that I did. I approached Ida and said that I am shy but I will do it. However, there will be a program that’s about to start and there are authors giving autographs to readers and I don’t want to steal people’s attention.  So instead of telling the WOOORRRLLD about my blog url, LOL, I took part  in the WORDS and MUSIC activity by volunteering to read a book excerpt. Yeah, I still went to the stage and read in front of everyone. Yay! I did read the first two paragraphs of Chapter 8 of Pass or Fail by Ronald Molmisa.

It was a great evening of Music and Words. Musicians and singers serenaded us while browsing the shelves. Awesome! I love it when Owie sang Corinne Bailey Rae’s Like A Star.

Aside from enjoying the performances of these awesome singers and musicians, I also won a book and get to keep another book. How cool is that? After an excerpt was read from the book Solo Flight by by Grace Chong and Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao, the hosts Juddah Paolo and Lynnie Leal decided to have a little game.  Juddah announced that since the book is about single women, the game is just for single women. And since I was in front of the stage, rehearsing for my book excerpt reading, I was called to the stage and was asked a few questions and I get to have the book. Oh don’t ask me how I caught the host’s attention. It was a little embarrassing. LOL.

7.       Post something on your social networks (FB, Twitter, etc) inviting them to the MIBF OMF Lit booth, but in an unusual way


My post in FB last September 17, 2011

8.       Get 3 people (not your friends) to sign the OMF Lit survey

Here they are:

They were happy to get the I-READ magnetic bookmark as a token for taking time to answer the survey form.

9.       Briefly interview 1 OMF Lit staff about how they feel about the MIBF so far.

 I hate to admit it, but I guess I’m having a ‘senior moment’ – I forgot the name of the OMF Lit staff that I interviewed (Oh signs of aging!) but above is her picture. 🙂 Well she said, they are very happy of the outcome of the book fair so far. Many people have been visiting their booth and are taking advantage of the great discounts they offer. Also, they hope that the shoppers will enjoy with the activities they prepared. I asked how she would compare last year’s book fair to this year. She answered that compare to last year, the books that they offer this time are more varied, with authors coming from different background and genre, thus giving more choices for the readers.

10.   Write a blog (or even a series of blog entries) about your whole MIBF experience

Read the list again from 1-9 and you’ll get my story for number 10. 🙂

Right, so let me say it again, 2011 MIBF Rocks! Thank you OMF for an awesome experience. I can’t wait for the next year’s fair. 🙂

An Invitation to All Book Lovers in Manila

11 Sep

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Attention to all BOOK LOVERS. It’s the time of the year again for us to invade the shelves in the SMX Convention Center for the 2011 MANILA INTERNATIONAL BOOKFAIR. Hurray!

Yuppers! From September14 to 18, SMX Convention Center will be converted into a haven for all book lovers, as books will be offered at jaw-dropping discounted prices!  Ain’t it great? That for sure made your eyes grow bigger and made you smile from ear to ear. 🙂

I’m super excited!

I remember last year, I was jobless (I quit) and was enjoying my freedom (haha), but almost broke (LOL) but still I didn’t let the book fair pass. I had to be there. I can’t miss the event. Nooooooooooooooooo!!! Not for a book sucker like me. 🙂 It was the time when OMF Literature launched Joshua Harris’s newest book Dug Down Deep in the Philippines and offered it at 50% discount. Cool!

Right, so for this year I’ll be there again.  And I’m inviting you all to take part of this event and raid the shelves of the different publishing companies and bookstores participating in this fair.

OMF Literature will be one of those who will generously give discounts to the book suckers, I mean lovers. 🙂 OMF will also be launching new titles that will for sure inspire us, instruct us and gives us valuable insights like all the books they have been sharing to the readers. Here’s the list of their newest titles both from homegrown and international authors:

  • Hula, Multo, Faith Healing Atbp by Pastor Hiram Pangilinan explains the different occult practices in the Philippines and how people can break free from them
  • Pass or Fail by Ronald Molmisa, a practical and relevant book that teaches young people how to be the best student ever (in Taglish format)
  • Solo Flight by Grace Chong and Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao, a guide to single women and how they can make the most of their lives
  • The Last Man Dancing: The Nestor de Villa Story by Gicky Soriano, a biography of Mr. De Villa and his faith journey, written by his son
  • Oh Mateo 14: Tree for All by Grace Chong which teaches kids good stewardship and taking care of the environment
  • The Great Crocodile and Duck Race by Robert Magnuson which teaches kids to get along while at play
  • Bee Safe by Joyce Piap Go, a practical and informative book that teaches kids how to be safe in their environment
  • Dopple Ganger Chronicles Vol 2: The Secret of Indigo Moon by G.P Taylor, a graphic novella featuring more adventures from twins Sadie and Saskia and their friend Eric
  • Cupidity by Hayley and Michael DiMarco talks about 50 stupid things people do for love and how you can avoid them
  • Making Room for Leadership by MaryKate Morse, a practical study on the gift of power of servant-leadership
  • Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman, a practical little book, packed with wisdom and tips that will help many develop the loving, supportive and mutually beneficial marriage men and women long for
  • Think by John Piper brings together the life of the mind and the love of God
  • What Women Don’t Know (and Men Don’t Tell You) by Michelle McKinney Hammond and Joel A. Brooks Jr features the unspoken rules of finding lasting love
  • Workplace Grace by William Carr Peel and Walt Larrimore which deals with becoming a spiritual influence at work

We aside from these new releases and the awesomely discounted books, OMF will also be having exciting activities for everyone. Here’s the list of their activities:


• Storytelling activities for kids on September 14-16

• Pinoy Christian Bloggers meet-up on September 15

• Live broadcast of The Edge Radio on September 16

• Words and Music (mini-concert and book excerpt reading) on September 17

• Authors meet and greet –

– Joyce Piap Go – September 14

– Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao – September 14

– Grace Chong – September 14

– Hiram Pangilinan – September 16

–   Gicky Soriano – September 16

– Ronald Molmisa – September 17

For the free pass, all you have to do is print the postcard below and show at the entrance. Or you may drop by OMF Bookstores and ask for the I Read postcards and you’re sure to have access to this grand event for the book suckers! 🙂

This serves as your ticket to 2011 Manila International Book Fair. PRINT THIS!

Enjoy reading.  Don’t forget to share this to your friends! See you there!

Let’s R.O.B. OMF Lit Bookstore! (The Ultimate Sale!)

21 May

Summer is one of the best time to grab some books and read. You may take it on your trip to Bora or abroad in SG or your road trip to some provinces. And though we only have a week left, it’s not yet late to enjoy a good book. So for you book lovers, here’s a good news:

OMF Literature have this R.O.B U.S. (Raid Our Bookstore. Ultimate Sale) Forty-fied promo that runs from May 16 until the end of this month. They slashed at least 40% off on over 200 titles  and 30% on other books. Wow! Ain’t it great?

OMF Lit ROB US Forty-fied Sale

Though I have a bunch of books that I still have to read at home, I also have a long list of books to I’d like buy. Yay! Yup, I can’t get enough of books!

So now that OMF opened their stores for a “Raid”, I won’t let it pass. I gotta go there buy these books :

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die by David Crowder – Before: P595   Now: P357

Big Girls Don't Whine

Big Girls Don’t Whine by Jan Silvious – Before: P450  Now: P270

Inside The Revolution

 Inside the Revolution by Joel Rosenberg – Before P250  Now: P150

Disappointment With God

Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey – Before: P225   Now: P135

Xtreme Calling

Xtreme Calling by Kelly Carr – Before: P225   Now: P135

I hope to visit OMF in Boni one of these days to R.O.B them! 🙂

Check out the links below for the list of the books:



Visit OMF:

Boni Bookshop
776 Boni Ave cor Pinatubo
1550 Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 531.6635
Email: Bookshop_Boni@OMFLit.com

Something To Smile About : Phil Younghusband replied to my tweet!

10 Jan

Okay, I was having some mood swings today, or maybe Birthday Blues and I wanted to write about it earlier. But now I’d rather write about things that are smile-worthy this week.

I started this smile-worthy post last week. I was thankful for the SB Journal. Now, this week, there are two things I would like to be thankful about and they are definitely worth not just my smile but appreciation and gratefulness to God.

So here they are:

1.  A local publishing company (OMFlit) just asked me if I would be interested in writing book reviews for them. I thought this is awesome! What an opportunity!


2. Phil Younghusband of the Philippine National Football Team or the Azkals just replied on my tweet. Hahahaha….. I know not much of a biggie but what the heck, it made me smile today. 🙂 Here’s the proof:

Phil Younghusband replied to me on Twitter. 😛

Joshua Harris’ Dug Down Deep was a best seller in a Manila Book Fair! :)

18 Sep

Today, my sister and I went to SMX Convention Center for the 4th day of the 31st Manila International Book Fair. And for those who loves reading like me (I call us “Book Suckers!” lol) will definitely smile from ear to ear seeing all the books, mostly discounted ones in the convention center. Yes! Some are even sold half their original price! Cool!

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris @ the 31st Manila International Book Fair

We visited almost all booths before we stormed OMFLit section where the newest book of my favorite author Joshua Harris is being featured, Dug Down Deep (they just launched the Philippine Edition it along with his other book, Stop Dating the Church). And man! It is 50% off! Cool.

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

So my sister and I bought a few copies…about 11 copies. I already have the book, which is the original version of it, published in the States. I bought it around Feb of this year, few weeks after the book was released in the States. Then my Auntie in the US sent me the Stop Dating the Church book so both my copies are original and hardbound. But despite of owning the book already, I was still thrilled to see both books at the fair. They are priced at least about 70% less than the original since it is published locally, which is great so many Filipino Christians who have been wanting to own the book can now grab their own copies. Cool! haha… I’d say a lot of people who visited the OMFLit booth bought a copy of Dug Down Deep and Stop Dating the Church, and also Alex and Brett’s book too (Do Hard Things and Start Here). The Harrises are definitely one of the best sellers in the book fair. 🙂

Stop Dating the Church hardcover copy that my Auntie from the US sent me via Barnes and Nobles. 🙂

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