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My First 3K Run

9 Jul

Last July 7, I woke up at 430am for my first 3K Run ever sponsored by FILA.  I was never really fond of joining events like this… I’d rather just run by myself or with friends . In fact, there were a lot of running activities like this sponsored by other known brands too (Nike, Adidas, you name it), one of which where my company shelled out a sum to sponsor the registration fee for the employees who wants to join, but I was never really drawn into it.  But like I said, I do run sometimes, just circling the Bonifacio High Street but not really taking running seriously.

My number

So what made me joined this fun run by FILA? It was actually a charity event dubbed as “FILA: Schools Run for School Rooms” that aimed to help the typhoon Sendong victims last year in Iligan City, Philippines build their classrooms again. The I Care Foundation, which is our church’s charity arm, as one of the beneficiaries of the said event, encouraged people from our church to take part of it, so I did.

All eyes on the stage for Fabio Ide, Georgina Wilson and others

I have to say though, that I walked more than I ran. LOL Because I do not run often and because it was my first 3k Run (and walk),  I easily felt the pain on my lower legs, so I did more brisk-walking instead. Still I am proud that not only I lost a few pounds and burned calories, I also helped the kids in Iligan build their dreams again. It felt good to be able to help,  at the same time start the day early and exercise. I think should do it often. 🙂

Students from Metro Manila and other groups/organizations who participated.

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