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To Write Or To Watch a Movie

5 Jan

The Town

I posted this on my FB account and my former boss replied.

“Depends on the movie.”

Then I wrote, “thinking between The Town or Blood Diamond.”

He said, “Go with “The Town”. Not as good as “Gone Baby Gone” but I like it better than “Blood Diamond”.

“Right, I’m watching The Town then. :)”, I said.

But I’m writing right now. LOL 😛

I’ve been wanting to watch The Town. I already have started the movie last month I think but I haven’t even reached half of the film yet. I just stopped and do something else,  like write. Just like today.

The movie has received good reviews so I’m intrigued to watch it, but I can’t seem to concentrate. My mind wanders. So, it is just me or the movie isn’t really that good?  Kind of dragging at the start? Maybe. But I want to watch it. Oh maybe because my mind is so occupied with a lot of things especially with the things I want to write about so I can’t focus.

Anyway, here are the things I’ve been thinking of writing about or have already started writing about and needs to be finished:

1. Managing – Things I’ve learned so far.

2.  Best Seller Books

3. Call Center Agents – After a decade.

4. Most used words or expression in 2010 as I have observed.

5. Books I’d like to buy and read this 2011.

6. Only in the Philippines.

7. Of being a writer/journalist (writing and being paid against your principle)

8. Things I look forward to this 2011

9. My Family’s Kick Off Party(Jan. 1, 2011)

10. Vacation: Baguio City

11. The Starbucks Effect in the Modern Christianity (inspired by My Starbucks Church)

12. Life of a PK

13. Travel Plans

Hopefully to finish writing about them soon so I could get back at watching movies. 🙂

12 Gifts I’d Like To Receive Or Be Happy to Receive This Christmas

15 Dec

I made the list the other day just thinking of the things that I’d be happy to get this Christmas season. I didn’t give it much a thought, most of the things are just random stuff I had in mind… and it’s intended to be quite funny. I just want to make my friends and family laugh by putting up this list, however if they will take me seriously, I wouldn’t mind. hahaha!!!

In random order:

1. Books – CS Lewis books would be awesome. Okay, maybe the Eat, Pray, Love is also okay. Of course that “Buyology” book that I’ve been wanting to read. And maybe Bob Ong’s newest book “Ang Mga Kaibigan Ni Mama Susan” that’s very cheap, cost only about Php 150.

2. Notebooks/Journals – My Ate and I are “notebook/journal suckers.” We both love buying cute or nice-looking notebooks. We collect them, well I use some of them. Although since Starbucks Philippines have this yearly planner/journal promo that I’ve been joining for a few years already, I am using their journal despite that it robs me so much money to complete the stickers, not to mention that it’s one of the major causes why I need # 8 on this list. 🙂

3. Picture Frames – I remember when people usually frown or laugh after receiving picture frames during their “monito/monita” or during their “exchange gift” in their school or church or wherever. Picture frames are the least favorite item to be received. I think people usually expect something more useful or something they can bring along with them all the time, that’s why picture frame is not a favorite. But not me. I am collecting picture frames. I don’t know when I started collecting but I have a few picture frames already at home, most are still unused as I still have to sort the pictures I’d like to put in them. So cute picture frames will make me smile this Christmas! (Wooden or antique style frames would be great too!)

4. Post-It-Notes – I love the bright colors of the post it notes and they are very useful to me since I always make a list of my “To Do” things almost everyday. I hope I won’t have to put one on my forehead that says “Amnesia Girl.” 🙂

5. A Jars of Clay CD – Need I say more? I’m a Jars’ fan!

6. Gift CertificatesStarbucks Gift Certificates are the best! Well, yes, since I’m collecting stickers for their 2011 Journal. I still have 9 more stickers to complete until January 5, 2011 so SB’s gift certs are very much welcome.  Well, Ayala, SM or Rustan’s are also okay.

7.  A Huge Bag – It should be durable and fashionable. Well, DURABLE because I will put a lot of stuff in it – It’s going to be my 2nd house! FASHIONABLE because, nothing really, I just want it fashionable. 🙂

8. One-Year Supply of Diet Pills – LOL! Yeah, I may be kidding but if one will take me seriously, then I won’t say no. Hahaha…. I will gladly accept! LOL. Well seriously, I need to lose weight and I’m having a hard time.

9. DSLR – Well since I love picture frames, photos to be inserted to them are necessary, and a camera is necessary too.  You may say, a digital point and shoot camera will do. Yes it should but we already have one. Plus I want to take my photography to the next level.

10. New Mobile Phone – This one, not so much but since the phone I use already have scratches on it, then receiving a new one will be super nice.

11. Plane Ticket – Yes! To Singapore or HK! Or INDIA! Yes, definitely India. 🙂 Please?! Okay, Singapore and India then. 🙂

12.  Money – LOL! Well since it’s been a few months now since I quit from my job, and I have no other source of income aside from my fashion-jewelry-making hobby, my savings is running low. So for those of you who are thinking of doing charity work and thinking of sharing your blessings to the “poor and the needy”, I know a foundation – The “Y Antigo Foundation!” LOL! I will provide the bank account details to those with generous hearts.  🙂

Right! That’s it! What I’ve just listed were material things that may only give momentary happiness, but the real gift I’d like to receive this Christmas is LOVE. That I may be surrounded with love from people who loves me and people I care so much about.  🙂

PS. I wish you’re here 🙂

Singapore 2010

20 Nov

Singapore. Singapura. SG.

The 23rd item on my 1000 things to do before I kick the bucket is done. I’ve visited Singapore during the last week of July this year. Though I spent only 3 days there with my cousin LJ, I enjoyed my short stay. LJ, my cousin is there for her internship as a HRM student, so I just followed 3 months after she got there. It was good that I visited because she was home sick and it’s her first time to be away from her family. I could tell how much she misses having us around, but she still have to endure a few more months. Well good thing there is a JIL Church there she could attend to fellowship with them, keeps her busy too as she joined the church dance group 🙂

Anyway, SG. Such a beautiful place. Very cosmopolitan. Very urban.

It was my first overseas trip so I was really excited. My first overseas trip and my first plane ride, and I was alone. My first time for a lot of things… like going to airport, checking in, going through the immigration, custom, etc… almost everything was first time so I was pretty excited. But I have to admit I was nervous.

It was good the airline (Cebu Pacific) gave me the window seat so I could take a look at the scenery (mostly clouds….never ending clouds…lol and water…. ). It was good I booked an early flight, like 6am, just almost in time for the sunrise, a great way to appreciate God’s creation so I was really thankful for that experience. Makes me wonder how some people can claim that God does not exist. Who can make these awesome and magnificent creations? No man can ever do this.

Leaving Manila

The beautiful sunrise in Manila. Now who would claim that there is no God? See the beauty of his creation.

Even though I barely slept the night before I left not because I was too excited but because I packed my bags late…( yes, cramming!) I still survived the 3-hour flight. I think I slept only for an hour because I got bored looking at the clouds and the sea. So there, arriving at the beautiful Changi Airport with my cousin already waiting for me. So I am in a foreign soil already. We went to the foreign exchange for some Singaporean dollars. Then we stayed a bit roaming the Changi Airport, took a few pictures and had our lunch. My first SG meal? – Burger King! LOL. And it became my official restaurant for my SG trip, well almost. 🙂

Changi Airport

My typical meal in SG that made me miss the rice. Yes, no rice for 3 days.

We took the MRT ride to reach my hotel in Novena, which is quite far. I think it took us about an hour or so.  Getting off in Novena station, we were clueless how to go to Value Thomson Hotel so we asked a local, who was nice enough to tell us our way.  Most of the locals we encountered were nice I have to say. Since the vehicles are left-hand drive, the traffic flow was different from what I’m used to.  We had to walk  to get to my hotel because it will be a waste of time and money to get into a cab given that the hotel was just a few blocks away . Good thing though that  I only have one luggage but packed with clothes good for a week (I’m not a light traveler) but we didn’t have much trouble pulling my suitcase around 🙂

My cousin asked me, “So do you already feel the SG atmosphere?” I answered, “Not really. I kind of feel like I’m in a business district of Makati City,  Forbes Park and Global City combined.” Yes, that was the feeling.  Plus, there were lots of Filipinos around.

So we reached the hotel, which looks nice but the room is a bit small, well very small actually but nice looking. We didn’t waste anymore time so after I changed my clothes for the 2nd time  (I already changed while I was at the airport because I felt a lil uncomfortable with the top I was wearing), we hopped into the MRT again to go to the famous Marina Bay.

Me on our way to Marina Bay (yes the picture is blurred.)

Some random people in SG

The cosmopolitan area of Singapore.

Marina Bay was packed. There were lots of people that afternoon, first because Singaporean students were practicing for the National Day of Parade and because of the fireworks display. We took a few pictures of us then headed to The Flyer, the World’s biggest observation wheel to take a look at the whole SG from above.  I have fear of heights but who cares? I want to be on that wheel. It cost us SGD 30 each. It was cool that we also witnessed some military plane exhibition while we were up there.

The Flyer.

The Flyer.


A view from the giant observation wheel – The Flyer.

A closer shot (view from The Flyer)

Singapore sunset as seen from the Flyer.

I was craving for some rice meal so I was looking for KFC or Mcdonalds thinking maybe they serve rice there, but there’s nothing around. I was actually afraid to try Singaporean food thinking it might ruin my short trip if in case I get some stomach problems, so I thought I’d stick to fast food even though it is very unhealthy, but at least I’m familiar with them.  But I tried their version of  ‘dirty ice cream’, that only cost a dollar. That’s the only Singaporean food I’ve ever tried I think while I was there. (I already have dinned in a Singaporean restaurant in Manila, and to be honest, I didn’t like it ).

Ice cream wrapped in a bread.

Then, we decided to take a few more walks around Marina Bay before dinner. Took a few more pics. Our feet hurts so bad for the walks but for the sake of the trip, we didn’t mind walking a few more.  Of course we took some pictures with the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade. 🙂

Marina Bay Sands

Durian. (The Esplanade)

Merlion through my lens.

The Merlion.

Some more Merlion picture.

Then we decided to head home but before that, to some fast food first for dinner. It was already past 10pm, I think almost 11pm and most stores going to the MRT are starting to close.  We passed by BREAD TALK and decided to buy some bread for our breakfast the next day and then hopped into the MRT.  Upon reaching Novena, we hurried up to go to, guess what? Burger King! But to our disappointment, it was already closed. huhuhuhu…. We were so hungry and no stores were open anymore except for the 7/11 that sells ramen noodles and the hawkers that are not quite appealing to me really.  We just bought water, went back to our hotel and had the bread for dinner, watched some movies, planned for what were going to do the next day and slept.

2nd DAY

We woke up quite late than we planned so we got ready and left as quickly as we can. This day, we’re going to India! 🙂

Well, just a taste of India.

The Little India.

This is actually a must-visit place on my list for that SG trip. I will not go back to the Philippines unless I go to Little India . hahaha… Well, don’t blame me, India is one of my dream destinations and getting a  little of India in Little India was incredible. 🙂

The moment we got there, I told my cousin, “Now I feel I’m in a foreign land.” LOL. I didn’t feel like I was in Singapore anymore. I felt really like I’m in a different country. The smell of the curry, the Indian music (I think it was in Tamil) being played in some stores we passed, the people, it’s just very foreign! And I’m enjoying it.  However we got a lot of stares from people, particularly from men. I don’t know maybe we have dirt in our faces? LOL. But really, they look as if it was their first time to see such creatures. (I’m sure we’re not ugly. lol) So I took the stares as compliments, as long as they won’t harm us. Others would even say hello and ask for our names. We didn’t answer back for the fear of sending them wrong signals. It’s actually not the first time, at the airport we got some stares from men too (some were even Filipinos trying to make pa-cute, hindi naman cute. lol. ), then in the MRT  and in Marina Bay, but mostly from Indian-looking men and mind you, they are good looking Indian men, well most are… hahaha… But I didn’t bother.

So there, walk walk walk around Little India. Took a few pictures of the architectural designs in the establishments. Then headed to the Mustafa shopping center. And it was a chaos there! Well not really. But I’m just not used to that kind of shopping center. I bought a few things as my take home present/souvenir for family and some friends back home. And found the “After Eight” chocolate there too! Cool! I even bought a tea for our Indian senior officer in my company, as he asked me if I could buy him a box or two after he learned I’m flying to SG. Apparently, that tea (the brand name is Dilmah and that is his favorite tea) can only be bought in India, Sri Lanka and SG (I am not sure where else but it’s not available in Manila that’s why.)

A street in Little India

Some street in Little India.

British school in Little India

Prince of Wales, Singapore Backpackers Pub

The Little India Arcade building.

Some nice building.


Bombay Cafe.

Then we roamed a bit more to find some temples and mosques. We thought the famous “Sri Mariammam Temple” was there but not. Though we found another temple called “Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple“.  We didn’t have much time to go to China Town where “”Sri Mariammam Temple” is located, so we settled for this.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

Little India 🙂

Masjid Angullia

So we headed back to Novena, ate lunch, went back to our hotel to change and off to JIL Church in Orchard to attend the Sunday afternoon service. We were late but still went there to fellowship.  We passed by the busy Orchard Road and noticed a lot of Filipinos. My cousin said there’s a place there where most Filipinos gather to spend their rest day from work.

JIL Church in SG. It was nice to fellowship with them.

After that, we decided to visit my friend in her work who is a manager in one of the pizza companies in Bedok. So we had some free dinner courtesy of my friend. 🙂 It was great seeing her after a long time. Then we went back to Orchard to spend the rest of the night before going home. It was a bit late so most stores were closed and we can’t shop anymore. So we just took some pictures of the famous Orchard Road and had coffee at Starbucks.  It was great to end the night with some coffee. 🙂

At Wheelock Place

Orchard Road.

Orchard Road.

Fashionista in Orchard Road (my cousin LJ)

I’m not crazy about shoes, but I love this ad. LOL

I saw Wayne Rooney in SG! LOL (I still have the world cup fever that time.)

Starbucks in Orchard Rd.

3rd DAY

Time to go home. My cousin needs to go to her work and I have to prepare also for my flight in the afternoon.  It was sad that I’m leaving her but we had no choice. So since I am like her older sister, I talked to her and gave her a few advices and instructions to keep herself safe there. She got no family there but at least the JIL family is there so I told her to stick with them and always pray. It grips my heart leaving her.  She told me she won’t just take me to the airport because she would just cry, plus she also have a work that day.  So she left the hotel and I packed my things to get ready. But then I went to Orchard Road again by myself to some last minute shopping. Well luckily, The Great Singapore Sale was still on that time I was there.  So who can say no to shopping? LOL.

And while having breakfast at Mc Donalds, I decided to go online through my mobile phone. Then I saw his offline message on  yahoo that he sent a few hours back.  Whew! (Anyway, that’s another story.)

Went back to my hotel,  grabbed my luggage, checked out, hopped into the bus (btw, I like most of their buses) then  to the MRT and to the airport.  I don’t know but that time I really wanted to go home. I know it was a very short stay but that moment I felt so alone. My cousin is at work and I have no one to talk to except for the cab driver that took me back to the hotel from Novena station.

At the airport, I checked in my luggage just in time and decided to just kill my time there, reading the book and writing on my journal. I felt sad that afternoon and I knew the reason.

My cousin kept on sending me text messages telling she would miss me and that she feels like crying.  I told her to always remember what I said to her and she’ll be alright.

I roamed around the airport while waiting to board the plane when they called the passengers for the last time. I thought I still have time, so I hurried up and boarded the plane. However after a few minutes, the captain announced that the flight will be delayed as there is some fixing they need to do in the plane and he can’t fly us back home unless everything is fixed. So we were back to the airport lounge, good thing there are few computers that were set up there to let delayed passengers like us surf the net while waiting. I stayed in one of the seats, pondering about my whole trip,  the beautiful SG, my cousin being alone in a foreign land, my family back home, my friends, my delayed flight and him. I was exhausted, both my body and mind. I fell asleep for about an hour in that chair. Then at around 7pm, we were called to board the plane again to go home.

“Finally” , I said to myself. I can’t wait to be home.

I missed my family so much. Even though I live alone in Manila (I have my own place) I still go to my family’s house most of the time which is just a 10-20 minute drive. And since I was  in SG for only 3 days, it should just feel like I’m at my place, however it was still different, I didn’t feel at home and I felt so alone. I wonder what my cousin must be feeling.

I took out my journal to write some thoughts about my trip like I did on my flight going there.  And as I write, I cried.  Good thing I was in window seat again and the passengers beside me (a mom and her grade school daughter) were already sleeping.  I need to be home I know.

I cried not because I was missing my family. It’s for a different reason that has nothing to do with Singapore really.  So I  thought, ‘what a way to end my first international trip’. *sigh*

Oh well …

SG is a fine place. It’s beautiful. It’s an icon of economic power in the Far East. It was a pleasure being there really. To sum it up,  I will say it again, although there are still a lot of differences, Singapore is just like a huge business district of Makati City combined with the posh Forbes Park Village and Global City in Taguig. One major difference though is that, people are more disciplined.

But still like they said, “there’s no place like home.”

So thank you SG for the experience.  I will be back for sure. 🙂

Thank you SG. Until next time. I will be back for sure. 🙂

The Cult of Starbucks by Joel Harris

21 Sep

originally posted here: http://twitpic.com/2qf3mm

The cult of Starbucks on Twitpic

Caffeine and PMS

21 Aug

In my recent visit to my doctor due to Upper RTI, he told me to cut down on caffeine.  Yes, coffee.  And the other day, while I was having coffee at my favorite coffee shop (yes, I’m bad. Not following my doctor’s order. hehe), I read from a magazine what caffeine and sweets can do to your body that eventually will result to the irritating mood swings.

So I did my internet research on caffeine and sweets about them triggering the mood swings in women.  I don’t exactly remember every words, but it says something like caffeine is a drug and it causes your body to be on a ‘fight or flight’ mode.  Caffeine triggers the release of the stress hormones that you may use to prepare yourself for a dangerous situation, like what they cited, a war. But like for me, who just sits at my desks at the office, it may not be necessary.  Of course, moderate consumption of caffeine is fine. Well, everything that is in moderation is better.

But my consumption is way beyond the moderation. I am a coffee lover. Or addict, whichever suits best. I love sweets too. Chocolates are my vitamins. =) haha… and it is so hard to resist them. Unfortunately according to my internet research, they both have effects on my body particularly in my mood.  And true enough, I experience mood swings. There will always be days or weeks in a month that I get annoyed easily, irritated, overly sensitive and become a crybaby.  I hate it. I don’t like the feeling. I don’t like undergoing such stage wherein one minute you are happy, but the next you are sobbing. That’s just so crazy. It doesn’t make me feel good and it affects my relationship to others. It even ruined my relationship with my ex. Damn.

Oh well, so now I am having this experiment on myself. I will not drink any coffee for a month and will really try to avoid anything with caffeine. Sweets…. I will also avoid them, especially chocolates. I will see what wonders  it will do to me and my moods. I will see if they are really the culprit to my everchanging moods.

So I am daring myself:

*No coffee or anything with caffeine for a month
*No sweets too

I just started two days back and I haven’t had any coffee. Weeeeee!!!!!

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