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Parks, Museums and Petronas! (KL Trip Day 3) Part 2 of 2

21 Feb

(*This is part 2 of 2 of KL Day 3)

So that means we walked again. Yeah we love walking under the hot KL sun. And I love sarcasm too. 🙂 We reached the Bird Park which boasts itself for being the world’s biggest walk-in aviary. We handed the ticket that we bought from the hostel. So the hostel wasn’t trying to rip us off because it’s really cheaper if you get it from them, around 10 MYR cheaper. We got inside and were greeted by the “Angry Birds in KL “ as F calls it, though they were really nice flying creatures. So we walked, walked, and walked some more, and saw birds, birds and more birds and took pictures, pictures and more pictures. 😀 F was so happy especially when the peacocks started fanning their attractive blue and green-colored train.

Angry Birds of KL (F's photo)

Mr. Peacock

Mr. Peacock's close up picture (by F)

flamingos in KL

another bird (by F)

(by F)

After our tour inside the aviary we looked for a place to eat but didn’t find any except for one, the Hornbill Restaurant that looks expensive. So we skipped that and went to the Orchid Garden just across the street. And there was nothing in there really except for orchids. (Come on Y, that’s the reason why it’s called Orchid Garden, not Orchid and More Garden! :P) What I just want to say is, it’s boring there so we didn’t take any pictures at all. LOL. We just sat in one of the benches there and rested our sore feet.

As we went out of the garden, cab drivers offered us a ride to our next destination but we opted to just walk. We traversed Jalan Perdana to reach the KL Butterfly Park. There were no people around, except for the old tourist couple that we bumped into and who were nice enough to say hello. Cars were rarely passing the road so it was quite creepy, add to that some huge and century-old trees and bushes around. I was holding the map trying to figure out which road to take as F was checking out the street names when a blue cab stopped at us. The driver, an old Indian-Malaysian man asked:

“Where are you going?”

“Butterfly Park. Is this the right way?” asked F

“Butterfly Park, yes it is. Get in. I’ll take you there. Ride for free.”  the old man told us

F looked at me and whispered what the driver just said.

“Just get in. Come on. It’s free!” the gray-haired man insisted.

For a while there, we were unsure of what to do. Should we hop in? Why is he offering us a free ride?

“Come on, come on, get in. Hurry! Free ride.” said the old guy again.

We thought okay, why not. But deep inside, I was a little scared but since I am with F who has a power of 10,000 bears as he claimed, LOL, I felt okay somehow. As soon as we were in, the driver told us, how dangerous it is to be for tourist in that part of KL.

In his Indian accent, he warned us, “You shouldn’t be walking there. There are people on motorcycles driving this area and snatching people’s bags and valuables, especially tourists.”

Wow! That was scary I thought. And that reminded me of my own traumatic experience of bag snatching way back in 2006.

“Tourists do not believe us. They think we bluff them or just offering rides to rip them off. They do not believe. It’s true. Some were even kidnapped or raped.” He continued.

F and I looked at each other and were just shocked of what we’ve just heard.  Of course there are bad guys everywhere but we didn’t know that one of the victims could have been us if the bad guys were in the area that time we were there. And my imagination was  just as fast as the bullet that I thought about, what if the criminals snatched our things or worst kidnapped us, kill us and sell our internal organs in the black market? Then I would miss my sister’s wedding. And instead of celebrating, they’ll be grieving. And F too will leave his GF and family heart broken. Yay! What are we going to do? What is F going to do? Will he fight them, kick their asses and use his 10,000-bears power? 😀 But I was more worried about him that I was worried for myself, because he looks too ‘foreigner’, looking very European/Middle Eastern so he is quite a target for that. And my Asian features can actually save me because I can pass off as a local. But then again, he got 10,000-bears power, so he’ll be safe. 😀

“Thank you so much for the ride.” I said to the cab driver

“You’re welcome. I am going to Butterfly Park too. It’s my second home.” He said.

And just as he said that, we were already in the butterfly sanctuary.  We thanked the old man once again for his help and kindness.

We went to the ticket booth and were disappointed that the ticket cost too much just for some butterfly watching so we just crossed it out from our list. We stayed in their café for a moment to rest, while I had a bottle of water because I swear I was already dying of dehydration!  I think it was already between 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon and we haven’t had lunch yet. We figured we’ll just go back to Masjid Jamek for our super late lunch.  And as F wasn’t a high maintenance kind, had a gulp from the bottled water I was drinking from. I kind of find it quite amusing because usually people (men or women, no exemptions) are so sensitive, overly hygienic or just plain high maintenance, but not him. We are just very comfortable with each other and like I said, no awkward moments. It didn’t feel like it was our first time to meet and spend time together. It’s like we didn’t met over the internet.

We stayed at the café for half an hour more because I was really exhausted from the long walks under the sunny weather. F entertained me by reading Turkish words from his service passport (something like a diplomat passport- that’s why he doesn’t need visa in almost all countries in the world). He then taught me how to properly pronounce the odd letters of the Turkish alphabet which was quite a challenge. It’s like tongue twister!

After a while we left the butterfly park and walked again. Like earlier, F was checking out the street signs while I look at our already torn KL map. He told me to stay on the safer side of the road and be watchful of the motorcycles and the cars passing by as he walked ahead of me to make sure we were taking the right road. A few guys in the motorcycle passed us by and I swear, they all looked at me! I was a little scared but of course I appeared calm. I would tell F, “He was looking at me. That’s creepy!” every time a motorist would pass by.

Minutes later, we were in a road that looks familiar but not quite. Again, no tourists or locals walking around but this time there were a lot of cars and busses in the area. It’s a national road. But we were quite unsure of where we were so we stopped as F took out his GPS to locate where exactly in the world we were at that very moment. And yes we are on the right road. We ended up in Merdeka Square- our first tourist stop on our first city tour. Oh that’s why it was familiar. We passed through the old St. Mary’s Church that we visited the previous day when F remembered something.

“We should have attended the wedding instead so we had free lunch.” F said laughing.

“What wedding?” I inquired.

“Remember they were preparing the church yesterday for a wedding?” He said.

“Oh yeah! But what, are we going to gate crash a wedding?” I asked.

“Yes. And if they ask us if we are from the Bride’s side, we’ll say no, we are friends of the Groom.”  F said while laughing at his silly idea.

Now I’m seeing his dark side. No more Mr. Good boy eh?  LOL. 😛

We reached McDonalds (our second official fast food in KL) in Masjid Jamek. We were both starving. I had the quarter pounder while he had a Big Mac. He complained that he doesn’t feel full whenever he eats fast food, even if it’s Big Mac. Like the usual, before I take a bite, I’ve inspected the burger first, dissecting it. F stopped and observed what I was doing and asked,

“What are you doing to your food?”

“Removing the excessive onions and the pickles. I hate pickles.”

“You do not eat pickles?”

“Nope. You like it?”

“Yes I eat pickles. Okay, put it here in my burger.”

And after that, he became the official pickles-eater during our KL tour. LOL. I would give it to him because I really don’t like its taste.

We stayed in McDonalds for an hour to rest our sore and blistered feet on the chairs, not minding the locals looking at us, (perhaps thinking that we were ill-mannered people. LOL) as we talked about our lives back in our own countries. And though we’ve been friends since early 2007 and we’ve already shared a lot of stories about each other, we’ve had a sort of a Q & A portion. But he was on the hot seat and I was the interviewer. 🙂 He told how he was as a kid, sports he used to play and even about a ‘common friend’ who sort of expressed her feelings for him. Hmm… intriguing. LOL I knew about it but I opted to keep my mouth shut.

So after reminiscing our childhood days and sharing funny stories, we got up our seats and headed to the subway station to go to KLCC. When we got off, we found ourselves inside this huge shopping mall – Suria KLCC, and clueless about where the exit is. So we just followed the crowd and we ended up in middle area and saw from the glass roof something familiar.

“That’s one of the towers!” F declared. “We’re below the towers, let’s find an exit” he continued.

Then as we went up, it started to drizzle. That time, I already accepted the fact that rain is going to be a part of our short KL trip that’s why I brought the umbrella with me. We walked a few more and saw the majestic Petronas Towers, standing so tall. It was already late in the afternoon, in fact, already around 6pm but no sunset yet, so we still saw the Towers at ‘daytime’.  And though it was drizzling, we walked towards where the fountain and the stairs are to have a better sight of the Towers. Yeah, the hell the rain, we’re in Petronas! 🙂 This time, passersby might have thought we’re two idiotic tourists taking pictures of the twin towers in the rain. 😀 But then after a while, we were joined by a few more idiots, taking photographs too in the rain. Kidding.

Petronas at daytime and the dark clouds

So what first came to my mind when I saw the Tallest Twin Towers in the world? “Entrapment!” Yes, that movie of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery. Haha…

Tourist are actually allowed to get inside the towers and go up until the 41st floor and walk on the SkyBridge that moves in and out of the two towers because of the strong winds. But in order to get up there, you must show up early in the day and get your ticket to be part of the limited visitors in a day. Unfortunately when we were there, the Towers are closed for tourist for some renovations and won’t open until Dec 15. So we just settled for the pictures outside. And of course, F who has visited some of the famous landmarks around the globe had to do his signature pose- his crazy “jump shot” in front of the towers. I took more than a few pictures of him in different angles and pose. And the ex-model surely knows how to pose in front of the camera. (Yeah he used to model before. Shhh… it’s sort of a secret.:D )  One of my roles during the trip was F’s photographer. Since he travelled alone in Bangkok and SG and only met some friends living in a city for dinner or so, he didn’t have much pictures of himself, and that explains my role this time in KL.

After some more photos, and F helping out fellow tourists by taking their pictures (because apparently, some people have high end SLRs but do not know how to use them, Oh well, they must have really nice photos if F took it for them.), we headed back to Suria KLCC mall to wait until the towers are lit up at night.

Inside Suria, I found one of the local shops I was looking for- Vincci! Hurray! And man, it was jam-packed! Lots of ladies invaded this shoe and bag store. It was insane! I’m not too crazy about shopping but the “Sale” and “up to 50% off” signs hanging around Vincci were attractive. LOL. I told F that I will look for nice pair of shoes. So touring with a lady, F had no choice but to get inside the shop too. Poor guy! LOL. He was literally following me as I moved around the store to check out the cute pairs . It was kind of weird. But then it was nice also because I had someone to ask opinion whether the shoes look nice or not. LOL. Then I noticed there were a few men sitting in the couch, perhaps waiting for the ladies they were with too. I told F,

“You see those men, you may want to sit beside them as you wait for me. :)”

And he obliged.

Decades later, LOL 🙂 I called him and asked, “Are they pretty?” as slid my feet into the red stilettoes. He nodded and said yes. Well I just hope that he didn’t just say yes to shut me up. LOL. Then he followed me again so I said, “You may sit down.”

“Well you called me.”

“You may go back and sit again.”

He just rolled his yes and joined the gentlemen again. 🙂 After a few more minutes, I picked two pairs of two different shoes and asked the sales clerk for my shoe size as I sat beside F.

“You’re getting two?” F inquired.

“Yes” I answered.

“Really? One is not enough? Oh you women!”

“You’re getting married soon and you should get used to this. This is your practice.  Haha” I told him.

“Oh she’s not into shopping really.” he countered.

“That’s what you think!” 😛

My red shoes. 🙂

Empty Vincci store in KLCC. Well the store hasn't opened yet (picture c/o vincci)

Then I explained to him that one pair is for me and the other for my sister. So, after the long queue at the cashier, we went out of Suria to have a look of the Petronas at night. Beautiful sight. Adjacent to the towers is the Public Bank Berhad building that also glows with its golden lights.

Petronas Twin Towers at night.

Water reflection of the twin towers.

It was still raining a little though. We went back to that spot we were at, so we can take snaps of the breathtaking towers at night. Ever see the photographers who wouldn’t care what position they have; how they look like or whether it was dusty, wet, rainy or hot just to take beautiful photos? That’s how we looked like. I tossed the umbrella somewhere and just took more pictures. Then tourist started to gather again in the same spot we were, so we decided to leave.

We were supposed to go up the Menara Tower (KL Tower) to see the entire city from above, but because of the rain, we decided to just go back to our hostel. Like always, we walked again. We saw this local cafe that also sells fruit/milk shakes and smoothies. They have interesting names for their drinks. They used city names for the different fruit combinations. I checked out Manila but it’s not too appealing because I think it has carrots in it. It’s just weird. So I had Singapore instead which from what I remember was a mix of strawberry, banana and something else (not carrot). 🙂

We were teasing each other as we walk and were talking non-stop about so many things. Then we stumbled upon this store that sells fruits and F bought some banana. We also dropped by 7-11 to grab our healthy dinner again – Asian noodles again, chocolate, biscuits. We are not a diet and though traveling on budget, we still have more than enough to fill our stomachs, but perhaps due exhaustion; we just don’t have the appetite for full meals.

As soon as we reached the hostel, I took a shower because I couldn’t stand the sweat and dirt combined caused by the long walks that day. Later on, we had our dinner in my bedroom even though eating there isn’t allowed. LOL. Then F saw my Bible that I left in the bed so he scanned and read a few verses. As he was reading it aloud, I recited the verse he was reading and he finds it amusing.  After a few more exchange of stories, we called it a day.

(*KL Day 4 will be next)


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