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30 Jun

Two years ago today, you dropped the ‘bomb’ that shattered my heart and soul.

And I died.

Impractical But Beautiful

9 Aug

It is hard when the reserved but restless, imaginative, creative, impractical, daring you, meet someone rather more daring, rebellious, break-all-the-rules, carefree kind of person, and you fell in love. The romantic, the against-all-odds spirit in you is loving every bits of it, it is exactly what you want to have, who you want to be with. You have come alive. You found meaning. You are happy. Years later, he suddenly became worried, cautious, and practical. Suddenly, ‘there is no future’ as he puts it. It is impossible now. Not in this lifetime. He is being ‘safe’, scared perhaps, maybe even torn in between choosing to please his heart or others. But he gave up on himself. He gave up on you. And you, you still think it is worth it and there is no other way you’ll have love other than this. For you it is never impractical, it is actually beautiful – that supposed story of two people of different backgrounds and ideals and cultures, yet choose the hard but beautiful way of telling the world, that even in this circumstance, LOVE is possible.

– Written on June 26, 2013

If a girl can put up with you through your worst days and still stick with you and your mistakes, then you shouldn’t let her go

18 Sep

I just read this somewhere, don’t even know who actually said it but I like it.

“If a girl can put up with you through your worst days and  still stick with you and your mistakes, then you shouldn’t let her go. “

Let go (Google images)

Happy Birthday M.

2 Dec

It’s been a while. I wonder what you’re doing these days. and I wonder how will you celebrate this day? I want to call you to greet you but ever since we stopped talking I had no guts to start a conversation with you again. I don’t know, I think I am afraid you’ll not talk to me. I am afraid to be rejected. It will hurt so much. I think, ever since we met, this is the first time I will never get to talk to you to greet you on your birthday. We either talk few days before your birthday or the day itself. But today, I don’t know how to get through you.

I think I’m afraid to know that I no longer matter you. It will hurt me big time. But how can I forget this day? It’s your birthday.  I actually want to celebrate it with you, but I don’t know if you want to celebrate it with me too.  I thought that, if you call at least, that means you want me to be part of your birthday, even through the phone call, if not, then it means, you dont want me to be part of this special day of yours. *sigh*

I think I’ll just buy a cake tomorrow and celebrate your birthday alone.  And I will make a wish, a wish for us to be together again and I pray for that to be forever.

Happy Birthday M. I’m missing you so much.

The song below, FLY FARTHER, I dedicate it to you.

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