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Hanson At His Wedding

23 May

Hanson At His Wedding

A few months ago I have learned about this guy from the UK named Bishop, who posted videos on youtube asking the American band Hanson to play on his wedding day on July 28 of this year. He started doing the video pleas a year ago (Feb 2011 I think) with his friend because he wanted to surprise his wife-to-be on their big day since she, actually both of them are fans of the band. Yeah, why not? Your favorite band playing on your wedding day? That would be wickedly awesome!  So he started his blog, posting videos everyday trying to persuade (beg) Hanson to play at his wedding. Yeah, like Every Single Day!

And what was Hanson’s response?

Nada. Nothing. Zip. None.

But still Bishop was persistent and very dedicated so he went on with his goal to make his bride happy by posting more videos. Then after more than a year, just 4 days ago to be exact, he posted his 457th video. He was gutted. Hanson hasn’t responded to him yet but he learned that Hanson booked a gig on his wedding day.  Sad day. 😦

After watching the video, I also felt sad.  I felt like I was also part of it  that I was also feeling devastated to learn that it will be impossible for Hanson to play on his wedding. I was gutted too.

But then despite that, he still went on creating videos and even said that he will complete the 529 vids he ought to make until his wedding day. He thanked the band and said that he’ll still help promote their music.

Well I thought even though Hanson cannot make it on their grand day, maybe they will do something for them, perhaps make a video surprise for the couple or something. Actually, I was sure Hanson will do something for them. And I was right.

Hanson At His Honeymoon

Just yesterday Hanson posted this on their official youtube channel as a response to Bishop’s pleas:

Yes, Hanson may not be there on his wedding day but the trio asked him if he would be willing to let them play on their honeymoon instead! Wow! Just Wow. Hanson on His Honeymoon instead! Well, 2nd honeymoon as Hanson mentioned on the vid because it would be “creepy” if it’s on their real honeymoon. 😛

Hanson explained that they already have a commitment that day and that they don’t do weddings actually, except their own. But they went on to say that they admire Bishop’s dedication so as a gift to the couple instead, they’re flying them to Jamaica for Hanson’s Back to the Island party in January 2013, all-expense-paid by the band! Whoa! Now that is an incredible gift!

As soon as Bishop watched Hanson’s proposition, he immediately replied:

For the avoidance of doubt, my answer is unequivocally yes and thank you!”

And he posted this video,  all smiles! Look at the happiness in his eyes.

I am just happy for Bishop and his bride-to-be. Even though I didn’t really follow his everyday video pleas, like I said earlier, I felt like I am part of it, so after I watched his video above, I felt so happy. I could feel his happiness. 🙂

Well you guys know that Hanson is one of the two bands I love in my whole life (Jars of Clay is the other one) and stories like his just makes me feel proud that I am their fan. Like one youtube commenter says:

“And people still ask why we love Hanson.”

Well obviously, this is one of the reasons.

Visit Bishop’s blog:  http://hansonatmywedding.tumblr.com/


Best Wishes

23 Feb

(This was supposed to be posted last Feb 11 but I forgot that I saved it in the draft.)

Cheers F! (photo c/o google images)

Best wishes to one of my best friends, F who married the woman he loves last Feb 11, 2012. I may not be there to witness their exchange of vows and to extend my best wishes to the couple, but I rejoice for their union as husband and wife. Things may not be the same anymore after that wedding (F will be spending less time with me and his other friends, and that is sad 😦 ) but I guess that’s how life goes.

May our good Lord bless F and his new bride as they start their lives together.  *hugs* Cheers F!

(P.S. I haven’t received the invitation that you sent 3 weeks ago. I hope it didn’t get lost. )

My Baby Sister as the Beautiful Bride

30 Nov

Before I narrate about my KL Trip, I would like to write first about my baby sister’s wedding last weekend.

Yes my youngest sister got married last November 26, 2011. It’s been a few days already but I can’t still believe that she already tied the knot with her boyfriend of 5 years. I admit that I didn’t approve their relationship at the start. I didn’t like him for my sister. No, he is not a bad guy. There are a few reasons. One would be, my sisters and I are very close and I think I was threatened that someone would interfere with our closeness and that things will be no longer the same. Our eldest sister is already married but I had no problems with her husband at all even when he was still a boyfriend. I think because he got a charming personality and made an effort to get close to all of us including our relatives so welcoming him to our family wasn’t a problem at all.  But in my youngest sister’s case, it was different.  Another would be, I, being an older sister, am very protective of her. I think it is natural that an older sibling gets very protective over the younger ones especially if they tend to be very dependent on you. And she sometimes have a tendency to be  gullible too. I know my sister, how she thinks, how she reacts…what makes her mad or sad…almost everything. She is our ‘bunso’ (youngest). I grew up looking after her all the time. She’d go to me when she runs out of money at school and calls me to pick her up from her university when she’s feeling tired or dizzy.

I always want the best for her. We all do in the family, since s.he’s the youngest. We want her to get the best education, a good and comfortable life, and to have the best husband. I guess I forgot that my sister is no longer that kid I always look after to. She’s all grown up and now capable of making decisions on her own. I guess the ‘Ate’ (big sister) needs to go back to the backseat and let her take wheel.

Anyway, I’m glad things were ironed out before they got married. Her fiancé made an effort to set up a lunch date with my family so we could all talk. It turned out well. Now both my sisters are married, I am the only one left. And people around me are bugging when’s my turn. I forgot, I was supposed to to have a custom-made shirt that says “The next person who will ask me when I’ll get married will get a punch in the face!” and wear it on the wedding day. LOL.

Well, best wishes to my baby sister and my new bro-in-law. It is my prayer that they have a wonderful life together as they start a family.

But my sister, no matter how old she will be, will always be my baby sister. I love you bunso!

My baby sister and bro-in-law, looking very happy on their wedding day, even the photographers can't help but feel the love. 🙂

It’s Time To Write (Updates)

26 Apr

It’s been a while and I miss doing this.

I know I was busy with a lot of things, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to completely ignore my first love – to write.  It’s my outlet afterall.  I think this is the reason why I feel down and depress these days because I don’t get to sit down, think and pour out my thoughts. I feel like it’s suppressed. With all the events and happenings – the church activities and all, at the same time the company’s, I feel so not in touch with myself. I don’t get the time to reflect anymore. So this is the right time…

So what’s been going on? Let me list it randomly:

-The most recent – the Philippine holidays. Yes! There was a 2-day holiday last week due to Easter and I can’t help but mention, that after maybe 7 years, I only get to enjoy my country’s own holidays now. That’s what I get for working for BPOs for quite a long time. Although too bad, most holidays this year falls on a Sunday and P-noy made the business owners happy this year when he lifted the Presidential decree or whatever you call it about moving holidays to either Monday or Friday. No more long weekend for us. 😦

– The company I am working for…  so far so good. I think I’m enjoying right now and liking what I’m doing. We had a company outing a few weeks ago, where we had some Pinoy games. It was fun especially when you used to play them when you were young, it’s so nostalgic!

– M. We talked a few weeks ago, didn’t turn out quite well but still I was happy I got to talk to him. I called. He did mention about missing me and wanting to talk to me everyday. But it still ended not quite well with him telling me, that although he wants to talk to me everyday, he is controlling that urge so that we won’t run again on circles again. *Sighs* I miss him really. Very and it’s so hard to breathe now. 😦

– My youngest sister getting married. I think aside from the unfavorable situation I have with my relationship with M, this is one of the things that occupies me too much these days. I have to admit, I do not like the guy she is marrying. And I have my reasons.  But then again, it’s not my decision and my choice. I have to respect my sister’s. She’s old enough now. But the sad thing is, the influence that guy has on her wasn’t good… I felt like I’ve lost a sister ever since they got into a relationship.And now that they are planning to get married this year, I fear that that I will completely lose her and she will be so far away from us. I know I also have done wrong things, especially for not accepting that guy. But he still hasn’t done anything to prove his worth. He still hasn’t done any effort to reconcile. And he can’t even do it for my sister’s sake?  I don’t know what to think… I know I have my faults too but it’s not mine entirely. I know it will never be the same again in our family after their marriage. It will be just mom, dad and me in the house. Although I still have my parents and I know they love me,  I feel so alone sometimes. And I feel like I’m an orphan, especially that I don’t have M beside me. I think if he was just with me, I won’t feel like this. *Sighs*

– One of my best friends is on vacation for 2 weeks with his family. I am happy for him because he gets to enjoy with his family and rest. But I feel sad because there’s no one to talk to. No M, no sister, no best friend. What else could go wrong? *Sighs* Plus, before he left, we talked and it didn’t turn out quite good. But I hope to talk to him when he gets back. Hope and pray they will get back safe and sound.

– Migration. I don’t remember the last time I thought about moving to another country but I remember it started way way back and I applied if I will qualify to move to Canada. I was young that time and I barely have experience in life and I don’t have savings. Now that I’m older (and wiser), the Migration plan resurrected. I don’t know where yet but I’m eyeing SG or some European country, maybe Canada again, I don’t know yet but I’d like to prepare for that soon.

I guess that’s it for now. It really helps that I put these into writing because it’s been plaguing my mind. I know most of the updates are sad. But what can I do?

Oh yeah, this one last is a good one. I’m reading again… and I’m trying to finish the book Dug Down Deep. So far so good. I’m reading every morning, on the way to work. I wont let the bad things happening and my busyness interfere with my reading. It’s good news isn’t?

Okay, till next post!

I am pregnant

16 Mar

I am pregnant.

Okay, I’m not.  Aside from the fact that I am not married yet, I don’t even have a bf.  So it’s quite impossible for that to happen. I’m not even seeing anyone.

Oh well, I just wonder how it would feel to say those words and how my family and friends would react to it. But of course, that depends on which scenario I am in. So far I could think of only two major scenarios (with sub scenarios).

Scenario 1: THE IDEAL

I get married to the most beautiful man in the world and the only one for me.  Close family and friends on our wedding day, honeymoon in a lovely beach in Asia or some romantic city in Europe, then after a few weeks, tada! Honeymoon baby in my tummy! LOL.  Then I announce it to my husband first of course, and he cries the tears of joy (or maybe cries for the impending cost of child birth and child-rearing. lol). Then to my dad and mom. I’m sure they will be so happy especially dad who’s been asking me a lot of times to get married because he wants to see his grandchildren. And to my close friends too who will sure celebrate with me and even organize a baby shower. They will treat me extra special to make sure the baby-on-the way is being taken care of in the best possible way. In short, everyone’s excited and happy.

So ideal right?

Here’s comes…


There are actually sub scenarios:

A – I have a bf and I get pregnant.

B – I don’t have a bf and I get pregnant.

A – I won’t get into details how things happen but it already have.  I just stare into that two pink lines in my pregnancy kit. I tell the bf. (Possible scenarios: He’ll stay and stick with me and help me face my parents and the world. Or get scared and ran away and be the certified a-hole.) Then depending on the bf’s reaction, I go to my parents, nervous and teary-eyed perhaps and humbled. I know if this happens, I won’t be treated like a teenager – ‘You’re not going to see that guy again!’ or whatever it is… I am old enough to face the consequences of my action but still, I know it’s heart-wrenching for any parents.  Then I tell it to my sisters and knowing them, it’s either they obviously show their support through words and actions or just act as if things are ‘normal’ and still show support in the way they know. I then tell it to my best friends and some closest friends. Best friends might cry or get angry or nag. They have the right, I can’t argue with them. Other friends would sure just accept and support, after all it’s already there and they can’t do anything. To make it short, they all support me but they are somehow heart-broken in the inside. All of them and so am I.

B – Okay, this one has a lil twist. How it happen is not important anymore. But in this case, I’ll be all alone except for the time ‘it’ happen. Come on, how can I get pregnant alone? Immaculate conception? LOL. Of course, there’s a dad but he’s not a bf. So I have to do it alone – tell the parents the shocking news that can be compared to the atomic bomb that destroyed a city in Japan eons ago. Ouch. At least in scenario A, there is a 50-50 chance of having the support of the  the bf, but here… Nada! Telling the parents would be the toughest I think. Mom and Dad would feel bad, that’s for sure, but the thought that I’d still be ‘alone’ or a single a parent will sure worry them.  Best friends would react the same way in scenario A and so are the other friends. The ending is the same too. We all feel bad. Btw, telling it to the guy is my choice but maybe I will. Most likely.

Oh yeah, I didn’t mention the religious affiliation of my family because I think, generally parents and friends would react the same way, no matter which religious background they are from. I have a strong Christian background and I know it is against our belief that you do it before marriage. However, I am human and I am weak too and I sin. I’m not perfect but I always want to do the right thing. I bet nobody wants to break the hearts of their loved ones.

I want that when I tell them “I am pregnant”, everyone in the world rejoices with me and so my God up there. 🙂

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